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Just Passing - Chapter 2

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Ice to meet you! 5 Points

Started Chapter 2

Feel the burn 10 Points

Completed the "strong" spirit's problem

See you Spirit Cowboy 10 Points

Complete the "Cowboy" spirit's problem

Pen't up emotions 10 Points

Completed the "knight" spirit's Problem

Let there be light 10 Points

Completed the "lighthouse" spirit's problem

Water you gonna do about it? 10 Points

Completed the "Old Lady" spirit's problem

What brushes do you use? 10 Points

Completed the "artisitc" sprit's problem

A little to the right 10 Points

Completed the "Tall" spirit's problem

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


Chapter 2 of my "Just Passing" game from a few years ago - which some users descirbed as "Hm, decent.", "It's almost there, but not quite." and "this also exists"

come see how little progressed I've made in making games!

This was made in a couple weeks whilst working a full time job and slowly dying, so it's likely rife with bugs and not as fun as the original - but being dead inside helps put you in the right mindset for a halloween game WOOOooOOoo

Jokes aside, I made this as I hadn't made many games in a while, so forced myself to make something familiar and not too far out of my comfort zone :)




  • fixed permanent "!" marker
  • fixed a few minor collision things
  • fixed the GPS issue, and also added a "location not found" sorta message too. This might mess with sprites in your inventory though - so sorry if the inventory is messed up when you load an old save


  • fixed some props having wrong interactions
  • fixed the battery disappearing when you leave the charging station


  • fixed issue when game would "black screen" when talking to the artist ghost
  • Also fixed an issue that could happen when "spamming" interact on completing a mission - but to fix this I had to add a small delay between talking to someone - about 1 second
  • But to make it up to you I also added badges! - lemme know if they don't work, they worked for me though


  • It turns out if you had an old save of Just Passing 1 and then loaded your game on Just Passing 2 it would break things - as a result I've had to update the system, Sadly this means losing your save data - should be the only time.
  • Added another clue for the battery puzzle - I was told it can come off a little difficult so added this to clarify things.
  • Fixed an issue where loading would trigger a cutscene you had already watched
  • Made the final medal easier to unlock? Haven't tested it but it should unlock automatically when you receive the "scarf" now


  • Added a few minor sprites and sound effects - this will likely mess with some inventory stuff on reloading an old save - not my fault, GM just messes with sprite indexes when you add more sprites *shrug*
  • Made the Artist and Cowboy sprite have a minor change when you complete their quest
  • Added a reference to "running" in the gym - because not everyone knows you can run in this game.


  • Revamped the phone menu a little - made the save option more obvious
  • Fixed the bags in the school
  • Made it so you have to "interact" with the closed doors to actually go in them
  • Made the speechbubble "shout" when there is shakey text for emphasis
  • Fixed a dialogue box in the opening sequence that was attached to the wrong character


  • Fixed game breaking bug that happens right at the end of the game, but only if you aren't signed into a NG account
  • Fixed the quest tracker to be less intensive - it was trying to update every frame! It now also works and tracks better quests as they update, rather than seemingly at random...I was annoyed at how bad I implemented this one >:(
  • Added a sign to indicate the locker room in the gym :)

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Already found some bugs. The screen turns black when I try to change the music and the windowed mode does not work. There is no autosave feature, or it simply doesn't save often enough, because I've had to refresh twice and start the game from the beginning when it wouldn't load a saved game. As for the game itself, the design is cute and the movement is smooth. My biggest critiques are the shadows for the text boxes, which just break the immersion, and the voice for the main character, which is alienating. The creatures have much better voices. I also noticed that the game doesn't recognize when things are at a different elevation. For example, it treats the cacti on the plateau as though they are in the way, even if you are on lower ground behind the cliff and therefore not actually near them.

This is such a big step from the first one. I love the vibrent colors a fun characters. I also love the attention to detail and how the cowboy spirits dialouge thingy kinda has a southern accent. Longus was a pretty funny name to.

Wow nice

This was a fun game even ute with the sprite and pixel elements like the cute character, What I really love about this game is the story element you bring into it, From the start I want to point out that I feel that quality of this game warrants a higher rating because you have presented of good quality here This was pretty groovy if you ask me, The game was fun and entertaining But you all the elements together making for a decent game here, great graphics and story chapter here


Man, I played chapter 1 of this so long ago, back when I didn't have an account on here. It wasn't until I was just browsing for games to play last night that I realized that chapter 2 exists. I then replayed chapter 1 in anticipation of this one, and I gotta say, definitely looking forward to any future chapters. Gameplay is unchanged from the first chapter, but I didn't necessarily mind that. I TOTALLY didn't have to look up the solution for the plant lady because I'm a big dumb idiot, no sir.

The only reason I'm not rating this higher is because the medals are kinda broken. I got every single one... minus two. I had this issue when replaying chapter 1, though unlike this game, it had a little dude who unlocks all the medals in case something like this happens. What sucks is that the two medals I didn't get here were the last two things I did to beat the game, which is incredibly annoying after all the work I did. Hopefully Mr. JoelLikesPigs can address this at some point, because I'm a bit of a completionist (when it's feasible for me) and I don't like seeing those few locked medals sitting all ugly next to the nice, shiny unlocked ones.

Both this and the first one are pretty cool games. They could use some polish here and there, (Especially with all the cutoff sprites and unfilled, visible corners of the maps, but in general, they are very fun.

(Minor thing, I completed the game but my medals say that I didn't get any passions. Is this a bug perchance?)

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2022
2:07 PM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • GameMaker Studio 2