Erosion of Insanity

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Warning: contaings exessive gore!
Ok, this is a cool little project I have been working on. I used a song from the band Gorguts, so in a way its a music video, but more of a story. This is about a graveyard man who steals a body and...I dont want to give it away, but its really cool. This movie is best to be viewed at as abstract, not just for entertainment. I thought the music was cool, guys turn up your volume- great song! Anyway, I think this movie deserves a spot on the front page. Write reviews and tell me what you thought about the movie.
Music: Gorguts- Erosion of Sanity


This wasn't as Abstract as i thought. More of a morbid satanic feel than a calm weird aimless plotless artist merit. :\ But this was over 12 years ago... hopefully your work has changed.


Pretty cool, though the song is called "Dormant Misery," the last track on Gorguts' "The Erosion of Sanity" album.


all you saw was his axe go up and down you saw no real death!! really gay do not watch

that was

fcuking awesome!! it would've gotten a 10 if the sound was a little better and if you drew the characters a little bitter, but it was still fucking kick ass, and good taste in music (gorguts is one of my favorite bands) so yah, good job

Ummm.....What can I say?

Dude, I know the number of a good psychologist if you want it. This movie is just too....disturbing.

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3.62 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2003
3:53 PM EST
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