5 Animations Evoulution

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Well here are five movies that i made. each one better then he next.Please go easy.



Im gonna say something in norwegian and hope u dont understand what i say:

!!Gå og dø din sjuke jævel!!
PS-Its nothing nice lol!

Bellminator responds:


oh boy...

My god... you really do have a problem. Take the advices given to you. They are being more patient that I'll ever be cause this "work" that (almost seems a joke!) you developed with help (I can’t even begin to wonder what would it be like if you were alone on this) is actually one of the worst ever seen! As for the rating... LOL... applauses to your “friends”! How much time did you spend trying to pull the ratings up?! LOL... losers

Bellminator responds:

We have spent 12 years rating it up. HA. Oh shit....thats alot of time. FUCK.

Its a start

There are a few things that can be said about this flash, most of which I will keep to myself as opinions. I think that your idea's need lots of work, more preproduction. Spend more time planning out what you are going to animate and what each movement of your animations is going to include. Also, I noticed alot of your backgrounds shifting around when the charachters moved. You might want to check out what Flash has to offer in the way of Layers. Layers can be good tools when you are animating more than one thing over a background. This way, your background layer stays constant and untouched, while your animations move around unhindered. Your musical selection wasn't all that great and seemed very stereotypical, in otherwords, very popular music that had nothing to do with the subject matter. The concept of adding musical accompanyment with a moving image is to provide the image with a feeling, to coincide with the actions of your animation. In your case it purpose seems to be adding whatever music you like at the time and not giving much thought after that. You also might want to practice onion skinning, which is a great tool in flash that allows you to see frames before the one you are working on, but doesn't allow you to effect them in certain states... Its useful for animating frame by frame.

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The first one wasn't too good, I think that you have a lot to improve upon with that one. The second one wasn't all that great either. The third one was just kind of creepy. The fourth movie was kind of funny, actually. The fifth movie was just odd. Overall, I think that you have a lot of room to improve with this. If I was you, I would stick with the video's. Cool, I think that I saw my name!

Bellminator responds:

thanks very much. its great to acually see a decent review.

What the fuck was that?

Why is this rating so high... this shit should have been blammed a long time ago!!!!!!
Why do people make this shit????

Bellminator responds:

12 years of voting it up with high voting power Douch.

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2003
11:59 PM EST
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