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This is a trailer of a Possible mini-series coming soon From Me!!!
Vote for me on Atomfilms.com So I could win!!! And If you like, There is a link to download the "2 Minute" version of this Trailer!!!! Normal Episodes will be 4 minutes long.. Wish me Luck!!!! And Help me kick AtomFilms Ass!!!

Oh and Some of you have been asking for a Plot!! Well Here's a synopsis!!

Basically the story of "Wheelman" revolves around a single dark figure who has taken his incredible driving skills to the dark side of the road... The son of a deceased race car driver,Wheelman's driving skills have been embedded into him at an early age. Driving was his life,and one day he aspired to be a professional race car driver, like his father.... But when the day came ,when the Wheelman witnessed the violent death of his father at a major racer crash-up,he has never been the same.....And the race car sponsors noticed too.... As Wheelman took too many chances out on the track,it made his risk factor too high for any sponsers to realistically invest in him...Feeling shunned by the very community that created him,Wheelman decides,"There are other ways to scare up a buck...." He lives in the now abandoned racetrack where his father died....And relives that moment in his mind over and over..... a girlfriend from his past tries desperately to bring him back from his dementia,but to no avail.....As a detective is hot on his tracks......... What Wheelman drives is a 1970 Dodge Coronet..with a 12 cylinder racing engine....and dual nitro-boosts...Very unstable car... Just the way the "Wheelman" likes it.

The Song Is called "Rolling Darkness"



Man that was bad ass. Great tune for the scene and everything. All I could think about was gone in 60 secounds. Truely one of the best ones I have seen in a long time

Live Like

This guy can animate really good. The graphics are awesome. keep up the good work.

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This is one bitchin' clip!

Ortiz never ceases to amaze me. He's definetly one of the best Flash animators featured on Newsground. I've seen the longer version of Wheelman, but I think this one os better. The other version is longer, btu doesn't realyl add anything new; this version has better editing and keeps the pace going. I'm amazed at what Ortiz has pulled off in Wheelman.

Approbation!!!!!! (Golf clap)

Between driving a getaway car and maintaining his coif, WheelMan keeps his hands full with pelf and pomade!

Without a doubt, this is the most supercilious animation on Newgrounds (apart from "the heroes of cybertron")

Ortiz: undue assumption of superiority

How long did this take man?

Being an animator myself, i can appreciate the amount of time it took to produce this trailer.
How you did that many angles of each car i will never know, you must have been truly dedicated. As much as i like the fianl task, no where near as much effort could have gone in to that compared to this. I aplaud you my friend. Theres not much else i can say other than WOW.

Ps: whats up with the dudes hair at the end? you could have made that a bit better. Still a great movie though.


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Dec 8, 2000
9:11 PM EST
  • Daily Feature December 10, 2000