Miracle Explosion-Ep#06

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Here is episode #06 of MX, the end of Act I. (only 12 more episodes to go). Most of the music is by NG fave, the Lavender Hill Mob. The Tummie Theme is by Mike Gallagher, musician on MX#04 & 05.

Fourchinnigan.com is back online. Be sure to check out the revamped MX section with interactive character bios and the all new forums.

Even the haters of MX may get into this one. Enjoy!



i didnt get any of that because i have never seen your pass flashes. but other than that it was ok. nice violent scenes, parody of popular children tv faggots, and turd with teeth; definatly made for NG.

questiom: that chick in the silver suit looks alike quicksilver from the playstation game unholy war...any relation?

and the turd thingy that the dude who died was carrying around, he looks like domo kun...any relation?

fourchinnigan responds:

I've never heard of that video game, but Pobako is based after domo-kun.

NOOO, not Hugo!

I like the series a load, the story is just great, but I can't believe you killed of Hugo, the greatest character (exept Poboco of course). I'm sick with grief

Wasn't too bad..

Was okay, umm.. wtf with the tubbies? Repetative + gay = not cool. The whole weakling and superhero stuff was pretty gay, that little furry friend of the guy should have owned all their n00b asses. Graphics where like.. you tried, but didn't quite make it. Keep tryin though, wasn't bad for the effort.


I have to be brutally honest. It was a poor execution of a so-so concept. It looks like you constructed it in MS Paint.

fourchinnigan responds:

Awesome! Send me whatever version of MSPaint you are using, it has apparently come a LONG way since the last version I touched.


not cool not good not nothing

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Feb 26, 2003
5:28 PM EST
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