Miracle Explosion-Ep#06

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Here is episode #06 of MX, the end of Act I. (only 12 more episodes to go). Most of the music is by NG fave, the Lavender Hill Mob. The Tummie Theme is by Mike Gallagher, musician on MX#04 & 05.

Fourchinnigan.com is back online. Be sure to check out the revamped MX section with interactive character bios and the all new forums.

Even the haters of MX may get into this one. Enjoy!



Man, crazy man... What a story! This is a true story with drama, fighting, emotion, death, and so on and on... Do it the next chapter Fourchinnigan, I can't wait for the conclusion of this Epic story...

good work

sad ending tho sniff.

Brilliance (speaking over the series thus far)

What can I say? This is the first Flash series that I have become addicted to. As soon as I was done watching #6, I went back and watched the rest of them. This series is excllent. There are many original aspects in here. And that which is not original has an added twisted to it.

This the also the first Flash series in which I have actually felt something towards the characters. For reasons consciously unkown, I especially like The Nameless One. And, Pobako's speech is hilarious. I find myself occasionally saying "Oohkaaay" on a daily basis now (very good evidence that I am hooked :). Overall, the characters are extremely well-developed and thought out. One more thing is the style in whcih the enemies are presented: the screen takes a shot of the enemy in all it's glory and flashes the name.

I highly recommend this to all, like it or not. If you like this, then it is my suggestion to you to check out the site, fourchinnigan.com.

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fourchinnigan responds:

Wow! Reviews like this give me way too much credit, but thanks. You should hit my forums some time.

OMG! THAT KICKS ASS!!!! You sir, are a genius!!! You should really continue! And yes I HATE the Teletubbies as well too!

Poor Hugo though. *sniffs* =,C

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing

This is the first time ive seen yer series and it was da best. your style of animation is really good. and i LUVED da comedy plenty n der with gore n blood ( my favorite ). ur animation is fluid 2, dats rare at NG, at least wit fully drawn characters, and the voice acting is crisp n clear with a good story. so keep up da really really good work cause I cant wait till you start act 2 cause i no it'll get good scores.

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Feb 26, 2003
5:28 PM EST
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