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Final Fantasy 3 Continued

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Author Comments

**UPDATE** 9/20/05 - Visit the trailer for FFIII Continued, Part 2! I uploaded it to the NG Alpha site.
**UPDATE** 9/15/05... I have posted a message in the BBS about looking for an animator to help me continue this series and finish it off for good! If anyone is interested, PLEASE, read my post, located here:
Thank you in advance for all of you who want to help!!
**UPDATE** 5/11/04... Final Fantasy 3 Continued: Volume II is in progress, and should be hitting NG around July! Hopefully before then. ;-)

**UPDATE** 1/03/04... Yeah, I know, it's been a long time since I've updated anything... I have been tossing around several ideas to continue this series in my head, and just haven't found the one that is gold yet. I'm pretty sure that I will have a major inspiration sometime soon, as I have been playing FFX, and am nearly through with it... I've been emmersed with the plot line of that movie. hehe I wish Tom and Wade or whoever it is would hurry up and pass judgement on the submission I added to the portal a while back... it's just a pre-made VIDEO, not the entire flash movie... it's funny though.... anyhow, peace out everyone. =)

**UPDATE**1. New version uploaded with music in the preloader... the music is "The Prelude" from Final Fantasy. :) It only adds 90KB more than the last version of the movie. :D
2.Thank you so much for your positive scores and helping me get Feature of the Day! :D God bless all of you! Now, for a note to answer most of my reviews: The amount of dialogue is necessary. This is the foundation for the beginning of a series. With almost all books, the beginnings are kind of bland. The reason for characters not speaking, and lots of back-history explanation is intentional: it is for users who have never played the games and would like to learn a little bit about the game... The second episode will be much more fluid, and will tackle the issues that annoy most people, such as lack of animated backgrounds and lack of movement in general. So, if you have yet to see this movie, take heed to these words, and try to enjoy. :) If you have already seen it, I suggest watching it once more and taking what I have said into consideration to view the point that I am coming from. Once again, thanks for helping this get Feature of the Day for 2.25.03!!! :D
There were many themes in Final Fantasy III (FFVI in Japan and other countries) that were developed, but never completed. Other themes just ended in an inappropriate manner. This movie (and possibly series) is my interpretation for the way that the game should have developed after the end of the video game. NOTE: If you have not beaten the game, and do not want to know what happens at the end, then do not watch this. If you have not even played the game, then this will not make too much sense to you. Please do not vote a low score because it does not make sense. Play the game... possibly beat it, then you can give me a just rating. Thank you for your time and sit back, relax, and enjoy my vision...


I didnt like it...

I didnt like it...

1. bad quality music
2. improve on your pre-loaders
3. improve on the text boxes (they move a bit when you click the next button)
4. make the text boxes bigger
5. trace images proply
6. place your backgrounds proply
7. dont put flashy backgrounds in (please)
8. :( i just didnt like it :(... im sorry



that was nice u did a really good job


REALLY freakin' good, you did a great job man! ^^ I'm not very familiar with Flash, but I really like your animation, I just recently made a new game at FF3US, and I love the way you continued the story ;) BUT, there is ONE but, you should add some fighting scenes in the next version, if it isnt already out :P I havent been on NewGrounds for awhile, so I didn't loook through all the FF list. Anyways, all that to say one simple thing : Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to see the next part ^^ (If it isnt already out >_>) lol

I love it!!!

It's about time someone continued FF3/6 with a decent idea. This looks great so far, and I can't wait to see what will happen next! Will Edgar finally get a Queen?? Will Locke get Rachel? Or will something else entirely happen?? The suspense is killing me!

incanus responds:

I'm so sorry to leave you and everybody else hanging high and dry who liked this animation. I have ideas to finish up the story line, it's just that I'm looking for a good sprite animator to finish up the actual animation! I can supply the story, as well as the music to use, when to use it, and a good direction of what needs to happen, but as far as the animation goes, I suck. So, if you know of anyone who likes this submission, and would like to help me revive it, and finish it off, please, let me know, and we'll get a good collaboration on the effort. =) Thanks!

- Joe


you've got great ideas!! keep going with it !!!

incanus responds:

Thanks for the encouragement... I've got a few great ideas for this series, but I really need someone else who is good with sprite animation to help me finish it up. I suck at sprite animation. I can supply music and a plot line, but when it comes to the animation, I don't excel that well. Glad you enjoyed it though. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you know someone, maybe we can revive this dead horse and give her a proper go! =)

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2003
8:22 PM EST
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