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Line of Work Mission 1 Part 2

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Hello, people! Long time no see! Sorry for the big delay, but you will understand it will be worth it.

This is second part of Line of Work: Mission 1!

Check "Line of Work Mission 1 Part 1":


This story is about two brothers (Matt and Will Davis) who lost their father (Captain Ronald Davis, retired) in a classified mission, they are taken under Hopkins' wings, who was leading Ronald's squad after he retired. He took responsibility of take care about his sons personally and had them under his command.


Alpha Team (Hopkins, Python, Lambert and Matt) are tasked with taking out Terrorism network, while Bravo Team are sent to finish off Mafia Crime Family. Mafia and Terrorists are in illegal business. It was Alpha's first move to make on Terrorists known hideout.

Part 2:

Alpha Team have been split up to move on to big hideout of terrorists. Hopkins and Lambert decided to take underground path, while Python and Matt flank them from courtyard. Who would've know Matt strays from plan and blows their cover again, and again, and again? LOL

Meantime, I've received big help and supports from @Cyberdevil@Mejson@MariogD@SaymeBott@ChordC and my older brother Mikey. It would be for nothing without them. Our main goal is to bring back old but gold memories of Stickman fashion.

Enjoy it!

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'Two mikes' hmm, is that real military terminology? A certain distance? I'd heard clicks before but mikes was new to me.

Regarding the color-coded conversations, I still find it a little confusing initially that the same color's used for all main characters, but it seems a smaller issue now, the headbobbing motion to symbolize who's talking helps you figure it out initially, and after a while you correlate the names to the characters, more so than just the colors. Guess in the long run this might actually be better since it forces you to learn who's who, but then again... well, IDK, still feels like it'd be so simple if the colors were reflected in the dialog too, but it does work like this.

Appreciate the comical and chaotic bits, like the rock breaking off when Matt attempts to climb it, and the flashbang bit, and the ladder. XD Seems like Matt's a bit of a comical sidekick here, wonder if he'll stay that way or evolve as this goes on... yet for all the comedy there's a lot of intensity too!

The action scenes are great, the pacing's varied, it slows down occasionally but never so much it feels like time's wasted, it's nice with a break occasionally between the gunfights, and @ChordC with the music!!! It REALLY elevates this. So much atmosphere when you need it, and intensity when the fights pick up, everything fades in and out nicely too...

Wholesome work overall! The credits being woven into the scenery was a nice touch, the letter at the end too, feels like it gamifies it all a bit, and at the same time really adds to the story for those who want it. An optional layer to otherwise awesome/fun/exciting stickfigure mayhem.

Looking forward to the next mission!


MATRVG responds:

"Two mikes" stands for "two minutes" in military.

Headbobbing will not take place anymore. It makes the speech owner look ridicilous. Instead, they will make gestures by moving hands, or moving head to other side, or lean. I'm planning for introduction for main characters, but not in Mission 2. I understand your concern about subtitle color... you'll get used to that :P

He will stay that way, but keep evolving ;) Thanks for good compliments ^^

Appreciate it, man...

Hehehe... man, these words and terms weren't at my books but you since you put it like that... why not? :) Awesome!

You are encouraged to expect it coming in next month, buddy!

I would like the name of the speaker in the subtitles to be the same color as the stickman
Also nerf frag grenades pls
Great job!

MATRVG responds:

Thanks! We have discussed that subtitles issue earlier. If we did like that, viewer couldn't decide who's good or bad people.

Green: Good
Red: Bad
Yellow: Neutral
White: Civilian
Dark Gray: Mysterious

Call of Sticks: Modern Stickfare


Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2022
5:13 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 17, 2022