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Author Comments

(If the game shows no progress on the loading bar, just give it a sec; dunno why it does that but it is loading)

(OH YEAH, for some reason it lags on fullscreen, better to play it without fullscreen)

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2022 Game Jam, Würfelspiel is an arena fighter based on an old German dice game. Roll dice and randomly generate aspects of your music to create your own unique attack combination to face a variety of unique enemies.

WOW, I actually remembered to upload my jam game to newgrounds.

Play it on itch.io here


yeah anyway i hope you enjoy this, i'm tired as fuck and i just wanna relax and play games again before school comes around and deletes me; still too exhausted to polish this more, but either way hope you have fun with whatever the heck we came up with


WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim + Shoot

ESC - Pause

Art & Animation - Cathy Xie

Music - Benjamin Wang (Listen to this game's soundtrack here)

(Ben's currently on vacation so i can't add him to the newgrounds project yet, cathy doesn't have a newgrounds)

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This game is sweet.
I like the dice. I think every game would benefit from some cool dice mechanics like this one.

The perspective and the sound design remind me of the "Don't starve" game.
Background music slaps.

"Mega Mozart" looks like he needs some eye drops.

Difficulty is a bit on the easy side. The main character is soundproof, has a "1000 yard stare", and can take around 50 hits before expiring. Also theres a ~3 second invinsibility window after each instance of incoming damage, so i can go AFK in the middle of the battle, walk into my kitchen, make myself a sandwich, return - and still have at lest 50% HP left.

The shooting noises are hilarious. Sounds like a little gnome going "woo". The death sound effect is even funnier. Sounded like a TalkToSpeech.exe malfunction.

While playing, I learned a few new funny words like «Staccato», «Tenuto» and «Fermata», so i guess that makes this game count as "edicational".

I beleve this game can be improved by adding a multiple unlockable characters, that each have their unique singing voice. Like a «cat» that is meowing, or a «big shaq» that makes "quo-quo poom-poom" noices.

nulledwine responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah since this was a jam game I wanted it to be a little bit more on the easier side so anyone could reach the end (most importantly to see mega mozart). The shooting sounds were made with a live otamatone, fun fact.
Definitely like the ideas of things like unlockable characters and unique voices. Maybe I might revisit it soon.

This was quite fun, the mouse pointer's design made things a bit less clear since the hand holding it was more visible than the tip.

Cool concept. During the boss the music gets chaotic but i liked the OST overall.Maybe make it so i cannot click outside the box whenever my mouse gets out of the screen.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2022
3:47 PM EDT