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Pokemon: World of Chaos 16

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This is Episode 16! It's one of the episodes I've been running through my head for years. Originally, it was supposed to be the season 3 finale, but since a few eps got cut, the order is kind of messed up. And man, the swf to video conversion was being a nightmare on this episode.

Teejay sneaks aboard Team Rockets airship HQ to rescue his Pokemon.

As always, I really like getting feedback in the comments, so tell me your favorite/least favorite parts!

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Join the WoC Discord server: https://discord.gg/ceDbpZn


Voice Actors

Trina Deuhart: 

(Twitter) https://twitter.com/TrinaDeuhart 

(Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUCST8Of2QzqMJ71fhYNig


(Twitter) https://twitter.com/TheAmandaPanda_


(Twitter) https://twitter.com/DytonVo


(Twitter) https://twitter.com/VoicesByCorey




(Twitter) https://twitter.com/Nick_Senny


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Nice and surprised to see the series still continuing after all these years. A shame we didn't have better communication when I was on the project.

Hey! I have been a long time fan of your series since day 1 and I'm glad to see you are still keeping your passion alive. Please keep up the hard work. You're the very reason why I still come back to newgrounds.

I gotta say, I expected like...one or two episodes tops after all this time. But FOUR whole new episodes in short order? Amazing! It almost feels like you're spoiling us!

Your experimentation on different camera angles definitely works, and I think this episode integrated the battles with the plot in a way that felt very engaging compared to other examples earlier in the series!

There is one thing that bugs me though: It didn't feel coherently clear how Meowth-er...I mean Persian, managed to keep his original personality and desires (caring for Jesse and James) despite being a dark pokemon. It's the one odd point in this whole episode that didn't quite sit right with me because it didn't feel like it was questioned enough by TeeJay when he had the chance.

All in all though? I'm still looking forward to continue seeing this series whenever it updates again!

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the review. I try to avoid long exposition dumps and the conversation with Persian was already running long. So I had to limit their discussion.

I'm glad to see you trying new things with different camera angles, like more close-ups and looking up. However, I did find myself reminded that there are moments that are a bit too quiet for what's going on. Like, we could have used some sound effect for Gardevoir using her psychic power near the end, or some airplane flying sounds during that sequence. Also, glad to see that Persian/Meowth is still loyal to Jesse & James, but it feels like it undermines the threat of the Chaos leaders a bit.
Glad to see your episodes are evolving (pun not intended), and with 2 or 3 gyms to go, there's room for more to happen.

Love this series so much!!!!!!!!

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2022
6:57 AM EDT