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Another little toon from Infidel Guy and Buck Cash questioning "the message".


Decent flash. That flash was damn funny!

You Gawd damn atheist. The magic undead man in the sky kingdom, killed himself, to appease himself, in order to save you from himself. You ungrateful godless piece of crap! You can not escape Gawd's perfect love; Gawd can love you in the Sky Kingdom, or Gawd can love you in his ever loving eternal torture chamber!

JESUS LOVES YOU! So you better suck up to the Lard and stroke his ego every second, because he loves you unconditionaly you evil fool!

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Very professional: good quality sound and graphics. The joke about "there's no intelligent life" wasn't very funny though. Generally, the humor wasn't very funny at all. The only thing really funny in this flash was the surprising fact that this is actually a promotion of a website, which we find out at the end of the movie. (There, I spoilt it for you.) That was very unexpected and therefor also funny.


im a christian and i still think this is funny as hell...let us eat the flesh and drink the blood...lol

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....dude you've got some probs......

its cool to do your own thing or whatever but to be blasphemous or whatever and basicaly say that Christians know nothin is like waitin for an ass kickin yeah think what you want i dont care, but keep this kinda shit to yourself....

People use you brains

Stop yelling at this guy about being saved from Satan. He obviously doesnt care. I may not agree with him but dont swear in the name of your Christian god, use some intelligible social discussion.

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2.36 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2003
8:09 AM EST
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