Bony Fawks Pro Skater

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erm, i seem to say this everytime i submit a movie but can you please leave comments and reviews and stuff, There is no music so turn on your stereo, i did this cos i like to keep file size down. Also please rate my movie and then check out my others. Thanks a lot in anticipation of support from others and not sad little gimps with no life who enjoy rating movies 0 cos they dont know how hard it is to make a good one. Constructive criticism only please no bitching. Thanks The Rogue Element


Ack, holy shizznay, my own thing and even i think it sucks, sorry guys i uploaded the wrong file, i will upload the real deal soon *blush* man im an idiot



Was there a point to that? I sure hope not.

somethings missing....

Try to make it 3d instead of 2d, add background music, improve graphics, and make the stickman abit more solid cause its hard to see it move and do tricks. Hope this review proved helpful.

good job submitting it.

This, well, it sucks. Seriously... it needs SOMETHING! Maybe a different title, like "Stickman skates" or something.

Better luck next time

Aren't there enough P.O.S. Skateboarding movies on Newgrounds, and why are you comparing this to Tony Hawk? Nice try.

You could have made this into something


This could have a been a very well made skate video. Instead, you didn't use music, you drew a crappy stick man, and you didn't even have the decensy to make a loader. Man, you can make something of this... Who the hell care about a large filesize... Newgroundsians want QUALITY!

Make a sequel or something.

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2.04 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2003
7:50 AM EST
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