The Even Timmins Magic!

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This is the commentary for the flash "Half past half the hour" It is really good. It is also funny. It owns 7 people including you!

The preloader is broken don't press play until its loaded.


so, how stoned were u for this movie?

i bet this damn piece of shit took lots,and lots,and TONS of "insperation", mind if i get some?

What the fuck is your problem!?

God damnit, this cartoon was that other type of stupid that we all know and hate. THE FRUSTRATING STUPID!!! One moment it's just two bad looking figures talking while these two gay guys are making commentary, then they all of a sudden have black lips!! WHAT THE FUCK!? It can't be that hard to just put some effort into you product if you want to sell it to the general public. I suggest you make some time to actually look back on this and KILL YOURSELF!! THE END.



If you're going to make a flash for newgrounds, might I suggest putting more effort into your work.

I thought I was a bad artist

Please. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something better.

But, sence you two appear to be a pair of no talent hacks with no sence of humor, you will probably be their for a long long while.

This is my first 0 and it is well deserved!

InoMan responds:

Go back to your spelling board.


I was one of the two who made chrono trigger - the fart. and in my point you shouldnt say something bad about movies if you dont want a big LOL. Because you are defently NOT an natural talent on flash. You are so fucking bad on flash that i can puke you sucks so mutch that i can see that you are nut in the nutshell you are having a baby with, oh look! now i im going crazy because your movie is so fucking UGLY!!!

InoMan responds:

Oh My God. "Chrono Trigger - The Fart" had two artists? For one thing, you only had sprites, which are EXTREMELY easy to work with. Another thing, your cartoon was not original at all. This cartoon was not made to look good. In fact, it was purposely made to look bad because it made the flash funnier. If you are trying to insult someone, it would help if you could string a few words together into what is called a sentence.

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2003
5:17 AM EST
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