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Feb 22, 2003 | 10:54 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hey all, i just want to let you know that this is only an idea that i've just recently thought about and considered making into something more. This is a preview or trailer, if you like what you see here, just tell me, I was thinking of making a super-hero/viglante out of this fireman who after 9-11 goes on a rampage and all, so tell me what you think, or if you have any ideas for me, ok, thanks all

--i do respond to your reviews. I apperciate any and all comments...oh yeah, no b.s. ok, i want some genuine stuff...i drew the guy myself, that is def. not a scanned image. ok...all with me mouse.




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Yea, thats what I'm talkin about!!

See, your only problem is that you send unfinished stuff....but this was half way cool.....
But, now I must vigurasly curse out the guy under me, Pudding_Master....
First, Pudding fag....your an ass...."Lets join the Anit-American Movement because I play with pudding in a sexual matter" Well, fuck you. And not everything is put on NG because its about 9/11. Mine was blammed off, and it was probally as good as the guy who made this...faggot. So whos the most ignorent fuck ever? Listen buddie, if you hate America so much, then get the FUCK out of here. WE dont't need people to tell us "YOur not American, because you only put Flag bumper stickers on the back of your cars" You really are a fag. Just leave America, AND LIVE IN iRAN. See how long you live, and see how much you miss America.....Fuck head..
Well, Johnathan, I just defended you. Your welcome


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Why do you think you have so much talent?
You keep reminding us that you drew that guy. Well of course you did. It's not anything special at all so why do you think it is?
Throwing a crappy drawing, text, and a pic together does not result in a good score. Why the hell do you think you deserve one? Honestly, I'm surprised this wasn't blammed. I guess you got lots of votes from people who, after 9/11, decided to be die-hard Americans. Well congratulations, you got votes from complete fools. All they do to show pride in their country is put a fucking flag sticker on their car.

Oh and don't make some stupid comment saying "bUt yER FlaShES suCK mYne r BEtTER u fAG!11"
I want you to know that the flashes I have here are the results of me experimenting with flash when I first got it.

You're not a good artist and you're not a good animator. All of your movies consist of a total of maybe 10 seconds of actual drawings done by you (rarely ever animated). 90% of your flashes are just text. That's not creative at all.

Congratulations, you are one of the most ignorant fucks ever.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was put together nicely

But no movement and well it's past setember 11th when i saw u had another movie i was like yeaahh but now it'sd no zelda or link movie just a fireman o well.

jobercorp responds:

sorry to disappoint you, but i dont know whats going to happen with the fighter, i think he may just get old and gray and those lost ideas of mine..heh, have fun...more to come...zelda...maybe?!?!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

was that a trailer??/

im no artist, or anything but if that was a tralier, it wasnt all that good, srry to give u low feedback, but after looking at zelda broken, an crashing into zelda, i have to say u can do much better, much much better, hey maybe the movie will make it worth the while

jobercorp responds:

well, like ive been telling people, i drew that fireman all freehand with a mouse, and that was a lot of time just on him, i didnt really do the thing thinking i was going to submit something but another ng member that i showed the pic to said i needed to do something with him and not just trash him, i guess more ngers want stick fights and sex, which i dont do...sorry for the downplay of creativeness...but thanks for the feedback...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


...first of all a trailer is suppost to catch the audience and give em the interest of watching
the finished work. Something this flash did NOT!! 2nd...(before u come up with bs like "for someone who hasnt made a movie yet, you sure do talk a lot" or "its only a trailer...its gonna be short") I just wanna say that the subject is a redux of something that`s been made like 100 times before! Sure 11. sept was a tragedy, and some ppl cant let it go because they lost someone close that day (I didnt mean to sound brutal there) but im getting tired of "heroic firefighters" and etc. But hey...thats just me..or my opinion.

The art by the way was ok i guess

jobercorp responds:

well to add to what you had to dont have any movies, prolly dont know what a good flash is if it bit ya in the a**, and well its not a redux, it wasn't stick wars so you should be happier...maybe you need to stop reviewing peoples stuff and make a movie...