Kill Santa!

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This boy gets realy pissed.
He sneak peaks when Santa eneters the livingroom . . .
Help him get out his anger!



I didn't find the movie that entertaining at all. You'd aim for the body or a lower region and almost all weapons (on the except of the shotgun) registered it as a headshot. And the graphics on Santa for a lot of the weapons were the same (like the alien gun and the firegun).

As far as style goes, it could have been made better if like Santa was attacking back or at least acting afraid of the gun. His just skate boarding and providing little to no challenge, kind of made it boring.

The humor at the beginning made it worth it, but it really needs help from that point on.

"Nobody messes with my mommy..."

All the weapons were sweet........
Cept the

And after i've killed Santa.....i realized it was Dad all along......
Good work people!Keep it up!


lol santa comes down the chimney and starts fingering his mom. thats a new one i guess thats what the mom wanted for christmas. anyway the game was alright shooting the weapons sucked though it was really slow
next time just improve how the weapons shoot and maybe add more weapons and you could also make santa do more stuff then just ride on a skateboard and do flips

Pretty good, but hard to use weapon

It seems that, esp. with flamethrower, it's hard to use the weapon. also, it took me nearly 5 minutes to figure out you need to click the grenade in order to throw it. Overall, great concept, but needs a little more user friendlyness.

not bad

This was pretty god, and you were probably using a older version of flash.. hey I got to say, better than what mine would have been

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Dec 5, 2000
8:58 PM EST
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