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Hi there! This is the Newgrounds Museum! What does it contain?
1. More than 60 fan art pics, all by me! Featuring all the best know NG characters ever!
2. So much information about everything on NG that any newcomers who sees this movie will become all-knowing
3. 3 Easter eggs that will get you more fan art! Believe me, these pics are HOT!
4. Links to so many NG features and movies that it will take you hours to check all of it out!
5. 6 fabulous music loops to entertain you throughout you experience!
6. More!

I worked hard on this one, over a Month! 100 hours! Its nuts! This movie is like a Newgrounds Junior! I would appreciate it if you left a review! Please tell me:
1. Did I miss characters you would have liked to see?
2. Report to me all spelling mistakes and I’ll try to correct them as fast as I can
3. Tell me if there are any glitches or broken links
4. If I have forgotten a name in the credits section, please tell me

For those of you who don’t like the music loops in there, I suggest you put together a playlist of songs you like instead, as you do not have to make the music play.
Well, ENJOY! And good luck with those hidden pics!


Thanks a lot for your support! I even got to be the top-reviewed movie of all time for, like, a week and a half!
Well, most things people ( I guess) didn't like was the setup of the whole thing (the buttons, the framing etc.), so I've designed the next one already ( that's designed, not made!) and I guarantee you that even software designers don't make cool skins like that! As I'm working on something else that's very big right now, it won't be out until a few (3-4) months, so, till then...



Enough said.

Well done.

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Best Tribute ever!

I think this is the best Tribute to newgrounds. I know i'm old but I was taking a peek at some thingz that Tom as reviewed on (bored) and I stumbled upon this and I said to myself "If the creator of NG likes this then I must" lol. Great job! I see why he likes it. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

You can draw man that was some of the best art I've ever seen!

this was great

Now I can see why Tom fulp gave this a 10

could you plz tell my were the hidden pics are?


poxpower responds:

Look through the other reviews for clues.


That was great! I found all the easter eggs (I hope!) There were two more than you said! What you have to do to get 5, is get the easter egg in the writing bit(it is were most the H is cut off. If you don't know were that is hold down tab.), then, right click and press play, then right click and press play again and you will see
Super-Tom. That's when you can't press play again. so use the tab trick and and the you'll find an easter egg near Tom's right hand (your left for you kids out there pretending to be old enough for this site [I've found one already]) Then you'll see a hottie in a maid suit, and then, do the tab trick AGAIN (I know you're tired of this thing because of that annoying sound it makes when you do that) and you'll find the easter egg near the hottie's right leg, just under the toolbar for sounds. Now you find the last hottie. Have fun on this amazing submission!
P.S: CANADA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-psycho 0.o

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poxpower responds:

thanks man.

But you didn't need to give out the "secrets" some other people already did : /

Hey man. Thank you alot.

I have been coming to Newgrounds for a longtim and i aw al my old favorites.
Scrotum the puppy kicks ass.
samuri asswhole was the greatest!
then the ufo game.
The alien hominoid running over tricky in the crazy taxi like game. very funny.brought back good memories man. thanks.

poxpower responds:

Well, I hope you enjoyed them memories as much as I enjoyed re-seing the Transformers movie after 8 years of not seing it. I'm a really nostalgic guy, and I wanted some of the more ancient users to feel the same way I feel when I remember that He-Man actually exists. Ah! He-Man! I almost did a He-Pico pic! Almost!

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Feb 21, 2003
4:52 PM EST
  • Review Crew Pick February 25, 2003
  • Daily 2nd Place February 21, 2003