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Nurse Panic!

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Author Comments

You play as a Magical Nurse in her first spectacular day working at Rorsh Hospital!


A/Z - Interact/Shoot

B/X - Run/Skills

Arrows - Move

Up Arrow - Room Interaction.

Start/Enter - Pause

Select/Shift - Menus

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interesting game but the two endings (one where you fall in love with that dude with hella long bangs and the one where you fall in love with an "abstraction") really game out of nowhere. i wonder what the coins you get for buying food for other people are supposed to be meant for

While it's clear that you spent a lot of time on this game, it does need some work. The story is really confusing- and most of the issues stem from the dialogue. Nothing is ever really explained in full, and the only thing I could gather about what was happening is that the hospital is exploiting creatures that can give people various mental illnesses for profit. There's also side characters and locations that add to the world but nothing is ever fleshed out or really even touched on at all. I just have so many questions that the game doesn't answer- and maybe that's because (at least for me) it ended abruptly after the start of Episode 5. Why did she suddenly fall in love with this random figment after barely knowing it and only interacting with it through fighting? Overall, the story just isn't it for me. You have all of these interesting pieces but none of them fit together or are handled well at all. There are also a few minor technical issues, surrounding the controls and instructions. Besides Anxiety's levels, I didn't know what I was supposed to do for the challenges since the dialogue (it really is an issue) doesn't explain much. The navigation wasn't explained either, and I spent a few minutes just trying to figure out where the other NPCs and locations were. Another note: the A and B keys don't do anything even though it's explicitly said that they are supposed to be used for the game, when in reality almost everything is done with Z and X. It's just a little sloppy, that's all. Some of the game's aspects need to be done over.

TL;DR: Story is intriguing, but poorly developed. Dialogue needs to be redone, and many things aren't explained that probably should be. Minor technical errors.

That all being said, I adore the art and the music. It's colorful and cheery and I loved the designs of the characters and town that the game is set in. My favorite parts were the cutscenes and up-close shots of the nurse and cast, and as far as visuals go I think you hit the mark perfectly. The platformer style matched with the visuals and soundtrack feels incredibly nostalgic, and the game was entertaining to play as a whole. It has a lot of variety, which is always fun to have. This game needs some work on it, but I genuinely am excited to see what you do next, whether you listen to the critiques or not.

TL;DR: Art and music were fantastic. Loved the platform style and gameplay variety. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Skarmuse responds:

Thanks I will fix this dialog issue when I have time!

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2022
9:15 PM EDT