Flashers Finale

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flashers number 4: the gathering



" Error - you cannot add this artist to your list of favorites - Magnus Karlsson is already on your list! Please go back and try again. "
Dude, that was sooo God-Like ! You're THE Flasher ! you're THE Neo man ! I looove your movies, they are so cool.
One last thing. You should try to write a bit bigger, ya know ? The words and sentences that appear, cause sometimes I have to frown a bit to read what is said... Minor detail !!!
Apart from that, everything is puuurfect !
Keep up the good work dude.

that was cool

this is the only flashers i saw and it was just mindblowingly weird and confusing but it was cool


It's not bad, but kinda long...
Maybe speed it up?

to ibye

Magnus, awesome movies

but to "ibye", i just want to say this. never once did he say that he was "the flash master". His flasher movies are dedicated to people who make flashes. people who work hard, and spend their free time to make these movies and games to entertain YOU. you don't HAVE to be a master of the arts to make a good flash, as long as you feel that you have accomplished a goal and are doing something that you enjoy. everyone is different, everyone has different opinions, so of course people are going to see things differently. you may not think that Magnus' flashes are the best, but i sure think they are good, and i'm pretty sure alot of other people do too, and someone that might not be good at flash will see one of these movies and they get the inspiration to work harder and become successful at flash to make more inspiring flashes.

Good for sum reasons...

1)-Very good and it could be true at the dusk, the "bedtime" of our living, there may be only one who will bring us away from death.

2)- Great graphics and cool opening voice

3)-This one is a P.S.- I gave u a 6 on things that weren't, shall i say, there! Like humor, but, I wanted to give u a high score!

-Very Good,From
The man whom destroys all Portal entries,
TheLourdOfDarkness-X (X meaning extreme-10)

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2003
7:45 AM EST
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