Flashers Finale

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flashers number 4: the gathering



I am sick of people who think that every flash has to be funny or needs violence, they don't as a matter of fact I like yours the best, how can I dwnld it?

Nice music

Nice music.... but the rest sux. What's an movie without humor or violence? That's nothing, so I will only give you a 6 because of the nice music. The whole movie is crap and has no sense. Sorry but i can't make it any higher.


I'm going to give you a 4 assuming that this is the last flash about flashers ruling the internet. This has become quite crappy and corny right about now. Now that you've made your point, actually make flash movies or games that might prove YOU rule the internet. If you make another movie that is similar to this one ruling the internet (I don't care what anyone says about you flash skills) I'm going to blam it because of it's originality. You made your point, now move on. Prove that you will be one of the flashers who will rule because I believe you can. 4 of 5

That was odd.

Doyou really believe that? it isnt mystic it isnt funny and its not serious. Its just fucked up. You trying to prove that you are a good flasher or whatever. Make something with some sense in it. Its like making up a movie where hot dogs rule the planet and flashers make programs to shut them down or something. ITS FUCKED UP

I'm beginning to notice a trend here...

In no way do I wish to speak ill of Magnus Karlsson. I for one am very fond of his unique brand of subtle, yet powerful artistic style. However, I must critique this movie for one fatal flaw... I've seen it before.
Not this exact movie mind you, but I cannot shake my feeling of deja vu. This movie is very, VERY similar to.. well, many other movies Karlsson has graced us with. Flashers Finale, like all other movies of his which bear the word "Flasher", is a highly hyberbolic (I'd hope) tribute to flash artists, and their importance to the world. Some find this funny, some find it slightly irritating, and there are those of us who simply look past it, to focus on how he's saying it, and not what he's saying.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with these movies, or who can't get enough of the glorification of flash artists, this is for you. But for those of you who have seen these movies before (or who were drawn to the word 'Flashers' for an entirely different reason..), I'd advice against viewing this, as you'll be sorely disappointed.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2003
7:45 AM EST
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