Flashers Finale

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flashers number 4: the gathering



Now, I have been an avid user of Newgrounds for quite some time. However I rarely post or review anything. I just couldn't keep it in any longer... This is the 4th movie in this "Flashers" series that sounds the same, looks the same and has the same terrible concept. I'm sorry to be the one to break this too you but, Flashers are not gods or even god-like for that matter. Yes, talented flashers can create some amazing art, but they're no more than a talented artist, which is applaudable but far from divine praise. Peace out, figure out who really deserves praise.

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I don't get it

what is this? "Are you ready?"??????????????? wtf the are you talking about? am i ready for what? this movie is so retarded, it has no sense of story and doesn't go deep or evolve, it's just a shallow pointless movie that just wasted my time

I liked it, the first time I saw the other flash.

It is a very good flash, but it is the same damn concept over and over again. I got it the first time: flash is somehow superior. Would it not be that the programmer would be superior no matter what program they use? I saw it, so make something worthwhile instead of pumped up, techno music with random flash animation. They are good, but it is boring now.

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i liked it very much.

i really did like and i think you should make more movies with this subject. it would be nice to see how the competite for example, anyway its just a sugestion but i do hope you will make more because i liked it.


i agree with gizmodude the music was good but the rest was lame.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2003
7:45 AM EST
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