Flashers Finale

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flashers number 4: the gathering


What in the hell are you trying to say?

First off, is lifes a word? I'm no god of grammar, but you notice things like that when you're watching something that's vague on purpose. The only thing this video had going for it was energy that wore off pretty quickly, which gave it a bitter/lame after-taste like that of the mtv video music awards.


I agree with the last guy.

Flashers=GAY PORN

Quote from first movie review:
"What is this? Some kind of gay empowerment propaganda?"
Ok dude it was lame the first time and three tries later its still lame and even a little gay. You seem to be slightly talented, but your concepts are shit. C'mon man you're more original than this. Do it one more g0d damn time and I'm gonna blam you and insist everyone do the same.


I don't get it. Is the author a flasher? He flashes people in public for laughs? You sick fuck!! Rahh!! No but really.. That was weird. I'm confused. Is this kid plotting to kill us or something?

Samanosuke said it pretty well

Saman said it really well. This is more of the same.

I watched the first video, and said "Hey, that's pretty cool!" I voted 5.

I watched the second video, and said "Still pretty interesting!" I voted 4.

I watched the third video, and said "Well, the roar was cool, but this is the same thing..." I voted 3.

I watched this one, and said "Nothing's changed." I voted 2.

It was a good idea, but there are four of these now, and they're all the same. You could have just as easily condensed this into one entry and no one would have known the difference. Also, like Saman said, flashers can create amazing works (and you have), but they aren't godly.

These are good works, don't get me wrong, but innovation is the key here. And basically nothing's changed in four entries.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2003
7:45 AM EST
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