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Project Bomberman 2

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Author Comments

Project Bomberman 2 was intended as sequal to my other Project Bomberman 1 title here on NG but it had problems running in html 5 for i duno reason - srsly, it just didnt work at all.

Today i tried again (since i saw my program i use for games got some unknown unlisted updates) to convert the downloadable version and it seems like it works now...? I duno why but yea, after 3 years, it works NOW all of a sudden.

So again: This game was created in 2019 and basically a huge overhaul and improved version to Project Bomberman 1.

You can still download the same version here: https://gamejolt.com/games/PB2/410821


As for some infos, let me take them from my GJ page:

"Project Bomberman was one of my most played Games i created - and also one which got most requested for a sequal.

Well then, here it is~

Project Bomberman 2 pretty much fixes everything and makes everything better the first game had already. This time, i also add some of the classic Bomberman Rules (ala NES Bomberman) and 30 Levels in total.

---Version 1.0.1 Infos---

Controls (Default):

Arrow Keys - Moving Bomberman

Space - Place Bomb

X - Detonator explode all bombs at ones (IF active)

10 Powerups:

-- Bomb Up

-- Fire Up

-- Speed Up

-- Detonator

-- Kick

-- Wall Pass

-- Heart (which replaces the west now)

-- Spike Bombs

-- Extra Time

-- 1 Up

Game Changes (Next to PB1) - Some of them are insider changes:

  • PB2 is build -WITHOUT- base (PB1 was also build without base but i said that here coz PB2 is "basicly" its sequal) from ground up

  • 30 Levels in total

  • Timer which is actually now a REAL timer, not "just for bonus"
  • -- You have 5 min time for each Level before new enemys will spawn and making it harder to get out of the level exit
  • -- If the timer runs really out, 8 enemys will spawn and hunt you. the exit will (re)open as soon as you destroyed those (again).

  • "Get ready" screen + jingle~ (AKA "loading screen")

  • Easier to read - Manual section

  • -- Add rules from the classic NES Bomberman like hidden exit & level timer

  • Own Highscore section (In PB1 it was on the titlescreen)

  • Better Hud & working powerups overall
  • -- West powerup got replaced with heart powerup (it felt way to strong already in PB1)
  • -- 1 Ups now drop viva powerup system and not after each level
  • -- Kicked bombs actually bounce and stop if they they collide with another bomb
  • -- Powerups CAN be destroyed from bombs so becareful!

  • (bigger and)Better Sprites, DUH~

  • Smoother (and better) animation
  • -- Bomb explosion actually now LOOK like a classic "explosion" (and not like a flying shooty thingy...) AND stays for some miliseconds (dont run into it! :P)

  • Smoother Movement
  • -- "No more stuck on a bomb" bug fix
  • -- easier to walk around blocks

  • Better "grid" system
  • -- Bomb placement now in favor of Bombermans actual direction (which makes bomb placementa whole lot easier, trust me)
  • -- "Active" & "Passive" Grids - no more able to place a bomb on top of another bomb or like
  • -- Walls actually use the grid system now, activly
  • Way better Scan & Spawner System
  • -- Wallspawner rate is 37% (in PB1 it was 50%) which sounds odd in the first place (%- wise) but trust me, its more than enough...
  • -- Spawns 4 Powerups only random on the level viva own Spawner (in PB1 it was out of random chances. Next to this you could get way to early on way to powerful)
  • -- Own spawner for Exit (PB1 didnt had a exit, the level just ended after all enemys were destroyed)
  • -- a "Spawn Blocker" prevents monsters to spawn way to close to bombermans start point (about 4-7 tiles?)

  • 8 enemys
  • -- Better "IQ" system
  • -- Better "hunting bomberman" system

Score table:

  • Destroying a block - 10 points
  • Collecting a powerup (any) - 500 points
  • Destroying a monster:
  • Blooni - 100 points
  • Slimey - 200 points
  • Blocko - 400 points
  • Conos - 800 points
  • Granno - 1000 points
  • Ghosty - 2000 points
  • Spikey - 4000 points
  • Gimons - 8000 points

Finishing a level

Rest time * 20"

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bruh, couldn't find the exit on the first lvl; didn't have enough time to destroy all the walls w/ bad luck.

either way, did you test to make sure that an exit is possible even if there are no walls left?

WAtheAnum responds:

Yes. The Exit Has its own Spawner and every set of "things" has a "spawn row".
I duno how the row is right now but if im right, the spawner IS the 2nd thing which should spawn right after breakable walls (after that, it spawns the items, than the monsters if i remember right).
So there is always an exit because if not, the game doesnt progress in the spawn row. :D

This game runs very slow on my notebook, but i will give you a decent score, may run best on good machines.

WAtheAnum responds:

yea it could be a notebook thing. I tried it on my PC before i converted it and it runs "fine". Still, maybe you should try to downloadable version and see if they are STILL problems with this version as well.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

May 1, 2022
3:39 PM EDT