Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III

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It's done Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III: Return of the Sucka! Thanks to all who enjoyed the series. I'll make more T-Toons soon. Look for Mr. T Vs Mr. Burns soon enough...anyway enjoy...vote 5

P.S. I still can't draw



Although the plot is all routed from the 80's and it involves Mr. T and the Transformers and all, it was pretty weak. Some things were funny, but there's only so many times Mr. T cereal can pop up and come remotely close to being funny before the whole thing gets old.
But more importantly than that, what the hell is with your picture ripping skills? Those pics all suck. Earth isn't all messed up and bumpy and shit. The least you can do is download a pirated copy of Photoshop and extract all the images you rip off the web so that they actually look half decent. Another thing you do to improve your videos is to resize or move the images so that anything that was on the edge of the original photo is on the edge of the flash screen (This could have improved the scene where Mr. T is kneeling before the Millenium Falcon and one of his legs was apparently cut off).
Work on keeping a relative continuity with Mr. T costumes. He kept on chaging height and pose and clothing whenever any action occurred and it looks kinda lame. You could take the time with Photoshop and use the clone-stamp to smooth out some of the flinging moves. It would require a lot more effort, but your movies wouldn't look so half-assed.

Disappointing ending, but good none the less

Like pretty much all sequels, this movie isn't as good as #2 (which wasn't as good as #1). Still its better than most of the crap on Newsgrounds.

Such a Shame

Unfortunately Part 3 was like part 2 in failing to get anywhere near the comicalness and high standards of Part 1.
Yes it has been a good series, and obviously alot of effort has been put into these movies but maybe more time should have been spent between each episode to make things better.
Anything which has 80's characters in it is good in my book!

amazing yet again

5s all around once again. the guys who give these movies shitty reveiws have NO sese of humour. Great work T-Pug!!!

red_d-evil, S T F U

i vote on these movies. this is the best series on NG and i am VERY old school. now lemme ask you some questions, sucka fool. HOW OLD ARE YOU? if you're some 13 year old punk, consider yourself lucky to even be able to browse newgrounds freely cuz there's no way in hell that you are 21 like your profile says. i am 19 and i find everything MrTpug makes funny. why? because i was a kid in the 80's watchin MrT and He-Man and transformers. this stuff brings back memories and makes me feel warm inside, its kids like you that shouldnt be on NG because its not a place for rugrats who want to be tough guys.


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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2003
6:04 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place February 17, 2003