Through My Emotion: 2

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Part II...


A thrilling journey through a disturbed universe

As with the very short Part I, this "episode" (I probably shouldn't call it that, or maybe...?) lets the visuals take center stage and has little discernable sense of plot or characters. But it is a joy to watch because it just oozes appeal and suggests some deep, hidden meaning behind all the "randomness".
I believe that Crow is relying on personal experience and taste to associate one short scene to the next in this short movie. As for what those associations might be... you watch this movie and decide for yourself.
Crow must be focusing on the darker side of life, always portraying pain in various ways. But those huge eyes that appear in both episodes... maybe there's a kwy there... Oh well, at least the eyes are well drawn!

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I love this 'Through My Emotion' series; you've done a great job. Now, on to part 3!

Again, "Eh!?"

This time I was bored with the entire thing. I'm sorry but this is not THE best way to let you emotions out. You could probably put SOME meaning to this. But for ppl reading this, it's not bad, it's just really deep. Some of you may understand, but I kinda didn't.

Very enjoyable!

I wasn't a huge fan of the end, but the beginning was excellent. In fact, everything up to the point where the figure is reaching for the blue orb is pure genius. However, after that point, I lost interest. Great animation! Great sound! Keep it up!

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Loved it!! and also, I love all your PreLoaders :)

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3.46 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2003
2:10 AM EST