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Bogden, Who Throws Axes

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X / . - Throw axe / slash

Space - Jump

Arrow keys / WASD - Move / set axe direction

Up Arrow / W - interact


A Button - Throw axe / slash

B Button - Jump

Dpad / Left stick - Move / set axe direction

Dpad / Left stick UP - interact


The last gift of Nym awaits! Will Bogden succeed where so many others have failed and claim the great seed for himself? 

What’s going on with those fish?

Why is there a giant cat skull?

Bogden, Who Throws Axes is an action platformer that takes inspiration from classic NES & SNES titles and mixes in contemporary visuals and simple, yet challenging, gameplay. 

This is a demo version of the game comprising the first 3 levels + Boss arenas, or 12 stages if you want to be specific. The target is 8 Levels ( 32 stages ) so there is still a good ways to go but here we are, wearing hats and … eating food for lunches and stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends. 

Please be sure to follow this title, or follow me on Twitter (@Simon Babineau) for future updates.


0.3.6 UPDATE


Bug fix for an certain NPC that would lock the game if talked to twice in a row.

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Graphics try to pull off a catchy style, but they need to be more clear and easier to see. The ax animation needs works as well. Gameplay was going well until the slowdown started. Lag can ruin any game. I know this is just a demo, so the finished game might be much improved.

Difficult and fun game!

Wait a minute...

Seems like a pretty neat little platformer, but at the moment I found it a bit too buggy and confusing to play.

The pieces are all here for a decent game: the character was cute and felt smooth to move around, controls and gameplay were pretty intuitive, and the world/concept was comical and intriguing to explore. Overall I'd say that I had an alright time, though I'll admit that nothing about the gameplay really grabbed me as particularly unique or memorable: just servicable. But still, quite decent.

But the game just felt very wonky in general. In particular, the axe physics were crazy and unpredictable and were no end of frustration to me. So many times I would be throwing the axe out, the same as every other time, except the axe would suddenly behave in a different way, bouncing off of the air for no reason, suddenly ping-ponging around in strange angles, or just not even moving farther than a few inches from me despite flying way farther on previous throws. It may not sound that bad, and indeed, it was a bit funny to see how crazy the axe could be, but when I can't count on the axe returning to me in an expected timeframe, it can really screw me over in combat when I need the axe right that second for another throw. I'd really love it if the axe was more straightforward and consistent as a projectile: ricochets are ok but not necessary if they cause this level of wonkiness.

There were also some other slight annoyances, like how I wish when you hit the button when someone is in the middle of a sentence, it would skip to fill out the end of the sentence, not skip to starting the next sentence. Also I didn't realize I could break apart torches for items since they blended into the background so well I thought they were just decoration. Furthermore, I found it frustrating that there were no checkpoints, especially when I interacted with something that really looked like one.

For a demo, I do think it has a lot of promise, so I hope that this feedback and help get everything ironed out and ready for a full version!

I don't even have much to say about this game, other than that the visual design and high-and-low contrast is a pain on the eyes, the text scrolls way too slow in both the opening and NPC dialog, half the boss's attacks can't reasonably be dodged, the boss music stops playing after the first death, and there's just nothing interesting at all happening for the entire game.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2022
7:48 AM EDT