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GZS Mary Paper Doll

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The contest and the vote are over, but you can still dress (undress?) Mary

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Now based upon what I see this should've been a pretty good dress up game, even though there aren't really that many out there.

However, it just didn't work for me, like at all. The object count is what I assumed did this and the lag either made it too slow to move anything around or just didn't let anything move at all. You could've probably solved this by only spawning in the items when they were needed for her body via an "inventory" of sorts.

I didn't give this low even though it didn't work because I feel like the problem could very well be on my side.

paper dolls

Fun dress up.

Ok to start off with this was cute as are lots of dress ups, and there was alot of gatdgets and clothing stuff to use and dress up thats nice, the animation on eyes and stuff was pretty nifty, maybe you could add some sorta backround changer for better outcome, even the loading screen with the two girls fighting was cute, so you had lots to do here, i think the onlything that could go better is some sorta backround changer like suggested, anyways nice work with this one it was fun and entertaining. keep up the good work.

Some more "MUSIC" options and maybe you could add some sorta backround changer for better outcome,

liked it alot

omg,she makes noises,keep on goin bud!


i have 2 give u credit because it's funny and then u laugh, i think. But i do