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Blue or red pill??

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*NOTE: Can you guys PLEASE leave some helpful feedback before casting blams? Few thing to make clear:

1. This is meant to be a short - it's only 597kb, guys!
2. This is meant to be a Matrix parody, people dont seem to get that for some reason. GO WATCH THE MATRIX ALREADY. I thought that movie is old.
3. Do not bitch if violence and rape are all you crave. Go to a porn site for that.
4. No, there is no sophisticated plot either, there wasn't meant to be, please don't ask me to make this longer (see 1.)!

This is the official Bentframe cartoon release of "The Matrix Spoof"! Hope you guys like it, even though The Matrix IS kinda old.

Oh yeah, please check out Chipmunks Gangsta Rap at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=74104 (or check out my other submissions)- I feel it is a tad bit under exposed :( and I'd like more opinions :P Thank you!

For maximum playback quality, make sure your quality setting is "Medium" or less.

Voiced by Jason Brannon
Sound edited by Thomas Lee

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Lmfao, real nice one

This actually needs some subtitles. Honestly, I cannot hear what they are speaking.

Blue or red pill?? is a Matrix themed movie. Animation is very smooth and flows well. The audio sounded great.

A lot of bits of animation feel kind of crude to me and the voice acting just isn't cutting it for me. Maybe if you'd had a bit of a follow-up to the joke I would have liked it more, but it doesn't feel very fleshed out,

Wasn't expecting that.