Bitter Hearts [Sillygoth]

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A Valentines from Septy, Thistler, SeventhCycle and Shok from Sillygoth.com

We threw this puppy together and expect some updates on it shortly.. including a vastly reduced file size!

Happy V-day!

added note: many of you are not seeing that this is just a very silly joke. I am surprised that more of you do not recognize the names involved, but then again judging from the comments I think people did not bother to note the 4 authors involved.

### In just one week there will finally be a NEW FDA VIDEO here on newgrounds. There is even a cameo with the new Pico from Jose Ortiz. ###



well i guess this is good for ppl who get the joke and i guess i am one of those dumb asses that just doesn't get it, but other then that it does have pretty kool graphics and the music is a pluse.

hell yeah!

weeeeeeeeeee! won't you be my valentine my sweet lil blood doll?

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Needs some work

I gave you this score, becuase i am fair, i did'nt really like it. It could of been faster, and it could have been more fun, like SHORE ACRES, keep up the work other wise

I dont know?!

It was ok but i think that it coulda used alot more subject matter, however for what you did have i thought the animation was really smooth and clean good job.

that was wrong o so many levels...

I guess it was good though cause i can see some effort was put into it good job!

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2.33 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2003
8:58 AM EST
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