Bitter Hearts [Sillygoth]

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A Valentines from Septy, Thistler, SeventhCycle and Shok from Sillygoth.com

We threw this puppy together and expect some updates on it shortly.. including a vastly reduced file size!

Happy V-day!

added note: many of you are not seeing that this is just a very silly joke. I am surprised that more of you do not recognize the names involved, but then again judging from the comments I think people did not bother to note the 4 authors involved.

### In just one week there will finally be a NEW FDA VIDEO here on newgrounds. There is even a cameo with the new Pico from Jose Ortiz. ###


Could've been better

The messages on the heart's could've been funnier. And maybe something to show the effect of the heart message. Like the guy doing something evil with the message 'Evil'.

Overall, it's pretty bland.


not much of a game. should have been an "interactive movie" :S

Not bad, not bad.

I'm not entirely sure what everyone elses problem is with this flash, I quite like it. It's not all that 'fun' but it has some humor going for it. The graphics were so-so. And I have a 512 so I guess i'm a little faster than the guy who couldn't get it to work on low quality hehe. Anyway, i'm going to give you a five, not because this is the greatest flash ever, but to help you counter some of these peckers who've been knocking ot so hard. persevere. ---666 out.

Real slow and not really worth waiting.

On the lowest quality possible, this game still runs very very slow... and some of the candy hearts are pretty stupid, anyways.

well um

that was just put together just like this review LOL

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2.33 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2003
8:58 AM EST
Gadgets - Other