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Soul Snatchers Teaser

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Author Comments

This movie isn't great, shit, it aint even good, or finished for that matter. I don't want you to just rate the movie because I'de probrably give it a "0", but tell me if you like the storyline, and just in case you didn't understand it, let me explain it fully.

A man who's wife and daughter were raped and murdered kills the two men that did it, but now he is dead as well, and he doesn't know how, or when he died. He's trapped in pergatory were theres nothing around except lost souls like himself who don't know what time or season it is, theres no daylight in pergatory, only a light moon which constantly fades into an eclipse style moon that gives off no light at all, because of this, no one in pergatory even knows what time of day it is. They call it the endless night of pergatory, or pergatories "cry of infinity". Enough about pergatory, let's get back to the main character, Hank. Hank has been given a deal by a very powerful soul nammed Insignius Cold . The deal is to collect him 100 souls in seven days and he can be a family man again. With reality warped around him, Hank takes the deal and starts his hunt for souls. He's mostly looking for guilty souls, but if he runs out of souls and time, he will take the innocents of pergatory to help aid him in being with his family again. The story has many twists which I cannot say or they wouldn't be surprising, and voices will be added once I get my stupid ass mike to work. I'm not putting a date on my finished version of soul snatchers because I have only begun to work with Flash for a little over 2 days, so expect it to be a while before the finished one. If youd'e like to help animate and voice act the storyline I wrote up, email me at NaughtyB007@yahoo.com.

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I Didn't Even Watch All Of This

Nothing happened... so it got really boring really fast. LP rocks... so don't use their music.

not bad...

awesome beginning, great story about revenge and all, but then the soul colector thing just didn't fit and it turned the story really, REALLY gay.


Reminds me of myself, but I wouldnt burn the bodies I'd send their families peices of them.


at this point i just feel like heckling


It was interesting, the story as you diescribe it in the authors comments almost remonds me of the movie the crow, looks good, wouldnt mind seeing more soon...

OVERALL: A very realistic and good story...


Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2003
5:10 AM EST