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Castlevania Dir. Cut 2

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Something I threw together real quick, so don't even bother saying "your other ones are better" no shit.....

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These jumping humpers aka Fleamen are really annoying. It's funny how to get raped by them.

I feel bad for not being more familiar with the "Castlevania" games. I don't understand these humping guys. They probably are in the game. The sprite work was quite nice. I don't even remember the original. He made so many of these!

It works fine as something really quick. I guess it doesn't hold up that well. Then again, sprites just aren't popular anymore. The music was good. This was just okay for me.

Damn humpers!

They annoy the hell out of me every time I play Castlevania! I especially hate those birds that drop them from the sky! This was funny, though. Short, but hilarious! One of the first Castlevania flashes I remember seeing on Newgrounds. It's still great! XD


the 2 most annying emane in castlevania 1 is dath with the floting sief around the skeern

They just raped him

Poor simon belmont :(