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Quiz Time With Crono III

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Another quiz from your favorite quiz host, Crono! If you haven't seen the first two, i suggest you do it before you start this, even though it won't make much of a difference. I'm sorry in advance that i can't keep track of right and wrong answers, i'm no good with Action Script. I still hope you like the quiz none the less. Please give me Constructive Critisism. I'm open to all questions and comments. I know this is kind of easy, but i can't make it too hard. i like to make people feel good about themselves by getting the questions right. Enjoy!



I got another perfect score. These are fun but you should have something to keep score.

good job

Pretty fun, and great idea. Kinda easy if you played a lot of snes games, and to the idiot who posted before me there isn't 2 answers to the question "You start out with not much but you can get upgrades along the way" if you scroll down it says you have a companion with you and you only have a companion in one of the games that was mentioned!

nice work

theres one problem... on the question which explains the story, "You start out with not much but you can get upgrades along the way" There can be TWO answers... Mega Man X AND Super Metroid... because they both do the same kind of thing. Im not saying there both right though.... only one is... but you gotta be more specifc...

yep...this is nice

Finally, I get a decent score...4. Well, decent when compared to my constant streak of 2. heh. Each one gets better and better, the streaming wrong and correct signs shows an improvement in your skills. Keep up the good work.


Hope You read this!

After watching All 4 QTWC

I got an Idea for the next one.
Who Am I?
You show a the outline or shadow of a character and then we have to guess who he/she/it is. or from where he/she/it is from.

I wrote it here because I already had written a review in Quiz 4 and NG only lets u write one review per movie/game.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
8:36 PM EST
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