Quiz Time With Crono III

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Another quiz from your favorite quiz host, Crono! If you haven't seen the first two, i suggest you do it before you start this, even though it won't make much of a difference. I'm sorry in advance that i can't keep track of right and wrong answers, i'm no good with Action Script. I still hope you like the quiz none the less. Please give me Constructive Critisism. I'm open to all questions and comments. I know this is kind of easy, but i can't make it too hard. i like to make people feel good about themselves by getting the questions right. Enjoy!



Wasn't as fun, but creative.

Nice... but one thing

on the question mentioning the 'partner' who helps out, i scrolled to see if there was more (silly me) and i automatically got it right... hmmz...
ah well, pretty good, i feel like i've played all the good SNES games...


I got everything right first try, but it was still very challenging. i think you should have put in the storyline for FF3 or FF2 because not a lot of people really know the storyline very well. for the next one (5) why dont you do one on characters from the games? ask who this character is, or what game he's from

Shaq- FU!

I only wish it was longer! I was probably one of maybe 15 people who actually liked Shaq-fu and it was cool seeing it represented...

another great quiz game.

All right keep em coming

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Feb 13, 2003
8:36 PM EST
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