Quiz Time With Crono III

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Another quiz from your favorite quiz host, Crono! If you haven't seen the first two, i suggest you do it before you start this, even though it won't make much of a difference. I'm sorry in advance that i can't keep track of right and wrong answers, i'm no good with Action Script. I still hope you like the quiz none the less. Please give me Constructive Critisism. I'm open to all questions and comments. I know this is kind of easy, but i can't make it too hard. i like to make people feel good about themselves by getting the questions right. Enjoy!


awsome glicth

on number 5 just click down and you will get it right.

WOW! I loved it!

Better than the 2 before it!

Well, believe it or not, when I saw the 4 answers for the last question, and read the first 2 lines, I knew the answer, that game is my favorite game.

EVER. I beat it precisely 31 times, and I could write a perfect walkthrough from memory, I remember every song in the game, as well as half the script.


My first 6/6 score .... your quizzes are pretty good... continue to make some!!

this is odd...

i know nothing about sound or back grounds but get all the plotlines correct you could have improved it though by adding some better sound when you get a question correct


moo moo moo moo etc etc...

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
8:36 PM EST
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