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Dante vs Link (Part 4)

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Looks like Ganondorf is ready to join the fight! The characters say a few lines in this one(Link doesn't say anything because he never talks in the games). Tell me what you think about the voices and if I should keep them or not in the final part.

(The final part will be ready soon)


OMFG no no no

NOOOOOOOO godanmmit GANADORF Has nothing to do with it... godanm it.. plus its unfair to DCM they should get a character thats evil and they team up agaist too...honestly get a better concept...
N e way..... The Graphics are improving but the voices sucked and the style for combat was alright...cept for the blocking of the electro balls..thats really crap

I like pie!

Yes I do.

I this was good

To the last two reviewers before me: Please review movies for their content, not for who your favorite characters are. Cuz you are both acting like little kids saying stuff like that.

To the movie: You can still improve the graphics and the action but I do like the dragon ball z battle style. Nice job with the series too.

Cooler? are you gay?

DANTE WOULD Kick the living shit outta link anyday. I mean, you can kill an 'elf', but how do you kill a DEMON?

Hate to tell you this...

In a contest of who is a better cooler charicter- Link
In a contest of originality- Link
In a contest of combat skill- Dante
In a contest of non-emo bitchyness- Link
In a contest of more teens they are the harthrob of- Link by a large margen.

Over all winner- LINK!

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3.73 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
5:20 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 13, 2003