Drop the Bomb

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This movie was made. Ummm...its super fun and it has some neat characters and awesome choreographed dancing...with GW bush. Enjoi!


What the shit?

Well this surely did suck

That was horrible

That movie was a piece of shit.You should be grateful i gave you a 2.

It was okay

I'm not a big patriot so im not really offended by this cause im not supportive of The middle east or america and as for punkbuddy he has every right to be anti-anythinghewants cause as long as your alive you have that right or at least should. call me an anarchist i dont care this is what i think and im stickin by it, DOWN WITH CENSORSHIP.

Enuff politics as for the review pretty funny especially with tim allen hehe, but do you have an obsession with christopher lowell or sumthin? Its okay if you do just.....stay away from....ya know.

this sux

Personnaly i think this mivie is a peice of shit. It has no story line, no humor and to whoever made it. You are an antiamerican idiot who diserves to be drwan and quartered for coming up with such an idiotic idea. Go back t where you came frm and dont make any more movies unless your views change and your skills improve greatly enough to get pictures that arent blocks/

worthless and stupid

no point no humor grafics were soem of the worst ive seen the best animated part was those little gray bombs it used like 30,000 fircken times and they were terrible thsi shudent b on new grounds and didnt do much for the anti-war thought either. i dont how a peice like this made classic of the day when it shouldnt even b shared wit anyone i dont no wat ng is comming to because this a terrible animation.

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3.63 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
4:43 PM EST
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