The Woman Machine

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Frenetic little preview of my upcoming sci-fi series of games called Girltown.
Girltown is a harsh environment on an ocean planet with no children and no men.
Oddly, the women all come from a machine in the ocean. Twice a month it spits
out fully developed young women. They are carried to the surface in a bubble.
If they make it to the shore they are greeted by violent girl gangs who have
taken the beach and are recruiting the new girls.
This movie is just a preview. It is an introduction to the Woman Machine and
the dominent gang called The Flippergrlz.

WARNING: This movie contains cartoon nudity and should not be viewed by anyone disturbed
by cartoon nudity. Also avoid this movie if you are susceptible to photosensitive


It's alright

It sounds like it will be good but ya need to work on your art techneques a little more. Other than that it is good and I hope to see the full thing when it comes out. Oh and another tip is don't bring in pics, like that dinosaur, it just doesn't fit in well. Anyways good work and I hope you work real hard to fix those few flaws. Untill your full verson work hard!

Only Enjoyable On Acid

that was horrible man. get somebody to write a plot the next time you do a movie. this was just a random animation of skinny naked women flying around and flipping you off for no reason. my advice is to get somebody to write a story for Girltown, get somebody decent to do the music, and get some friends to come over and do voice acting.

Ranxx responds:

It says right in the authors comments that it is a preview. Have you ever seen a commercial for a movie b4? The story isn't reveiled in the preview. That's why they call it a preview. Girltown has a story and it's very detailed and complex. Because of assholes like you I'll probably never release it at NG. As for the music: I wrote, sung and performed every note myself on real instruments. I didn't steal someone elses music. When a flash artist goes to those lengths and gets a zero from no-talent fux like you it is only telling of your own inabilities.
"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."
-- Einstein

was cool only because of the naked women

It was pretty good but was too slow for my crappy computer . But the naked women were cool.

that was ummm...

weird but cool. ran way too slow on my computer, but nice job.

strangely funny and well done

some nice cuts and cinematography. Extra points for making your own music.

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2.37 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
2:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original