The Woman Machine

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Frenetic little preview of my upcoming sci-fi series of games called Girltown.
Girltown is a harsh environment on an ocean planet with no children and no men.
Oddly, the women all come from a machine in the ocean. Twice a month it spits
out fully developed young women. They are carried to the surface in a bubble.
If they make it to the shore they are greeted by violent girl gangs who have
taken the beach and are recruiting the new girls.
This movie is just a preview. It is an introduction to the Woman Machine and
the dominent gang called The Flippergrlz.

WARNING: This movie contains cartoon nudity and should not be viewed by anyone disturbed
by cartoon nudity. Also avoid this movie if you are susceptible to photosensitive


Hmmm . . .

It was OK, but I gotta agree with the last guy, the animation needs some work. Some of the women's boobs and crotches looked kinda strange. Other than that, it was fine.

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wow my first ever negative review!

well anyways this is well..sick the "girls were horrably animated they actually looked deformed... at least learn how to draw em before ya submit sumthin dont cha think? well no hard feelings right? well later

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Holy Cats.

Reminds me of the old Heavy Metal mags.

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Bad Movie.

Graphics sucked, sound and music was choppy and bad, storyline is just stupid, and the women looked like mutants. Your actually going to make a series out of this... eww.

Btw: If you viewers are actually voting on nudity aka "Holy shit! Naked *horribly badly drawn* women! 5!" get a life, or a porn site.

Lay off the drugs, man...

...cause surely you must've been smoking some strong shit when you made this, I mean it's just vulgar and bizarre and doesn't make any sense. I enjoyed the cheesy narrating voice though, made it sound like a homage to old manga cartoons. But seriously, this looks like just a lame excuse to show naked women.

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2.37 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2003
2:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original