Ronron et Meumeu Ep. 4

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Basicly it's cows, chickens and pigs fighting in a supernatural brawl in a farm-like universe...sounds like a lot of fun !!!
I've been inspired by a lot of great flash animation I've seen on NG.
So thanks to all animators, viewers, voters and reviewers.

Music from :
1) New order
2) Nobuo Uematsu
3) Children of Bodom

The loading screen appears only after there's 200k loaded...a kind of bug...

I hope you enjoy and vote please ! :)
Reviews are always welcome too !



OMFG!!! this is a warning to those wo haven't seen the first movies... GO SE THEM FIRST!!! otherwise you won't really appreciate the movie as it is.

this is frikkin hilarious! all my 5s or belong to this!


I can't believe someone actualy thought this was a Matrix rip-off. Haven't you seen Blade? This is the first seen of Blade but with farm animals. You know, when Blade walks into that vampire night club (farm rave.) Then blood sprays from the ceiling (poo sprays from the cieling.) Then Blade shoots and slices everyone (the cow shoots and slices everyone.) And when they die, they like, sort of dissolve, just like the chickens did. This wasn't a Matrix rip-off. It was a Blade parody.

I'm done.

Evil-Dog responds:

At last, someone who knows what he'S talking about :)

cool change of pace

I liked how the cow wore his sunglasses at night. All the pigs forming into the boss big, and the constant mooing wav. That was hilarious.


This was the most random thing i've seen in a while also this is one of the best flashes i've seen in a while. Also make 5 relaitive to number 4. I only liked your forth one the others where.... not as good.

Evil-Dog responds:

Indeed :)

Po pire !!

ce film est pô pire pour l'animation mais bof ... entk ca na vraiment po de but so je te conseille un autre projet si tu veut continuer :) good work kan meme!!

Evil-Dog responds:

le but c'est justement que ca l'aille pas de but :)
Merci pour ton commentaire.

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2003
6:10 PM EST
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