Ronron et Meumeu Ep. 4

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Basicly it's cows, chickens and pigs fighting in a supernatural brawl in a farm-like universe...sounds like a lot of fun !!!
I've been inspired by a lot of great flash animation I've seen on NG.
So thanks to all animators, viewers, voters and reviewers.

Music from :
1) New order
2) Nobuo Uematsu
3) Children of Bodom

The loading screen appears only after there's 200k loaded...a kind of bug...

I hope you enjoy and vote please ! :)
Reviews are always welcome too !


Pretty funny.

I love it how the animation starts out crappy, then gets better as the movie goes on. I mean, the laser shot was just awesome. And the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack was an extremely cool addition. Your old stuff rocks.

I watched all of these Ronron et Muemue's, and they are pretty funny. I will try to watch them while intoxicated by something, one day.

better then the matrix lol

that was beter then anythin ive eva seen even, dare i say it banana fingers! this was funny till the end
evry1 i no who watched it luved it i watched it at scool 1nce n i ad evry1 round my screen lol classic


this just kicks ass you use a techno wich when i downloaded said the blade theme techno AND THEN! you use the final fantasy 8 song wich kicks all ass its the same song when squall is fighting seifer..this is a great movie and you kick ass for making it.


man that cow is my hero... i need to hit up some more barnyard raves... well by more i mean ive never been to a barn yard rave... but thats not the point.. the point is ill pack my ak and maybe some cookies

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

I just finished watching all the seriese of Ronron et Meumeu.......um,which is the cow and which is the pig?
this is so hilarious,alot of people probably won't think so,but they suck.......I can't wait for Punk-o-matic 2.....as you can see in my profile,you are my fav author and POM is my fav movie!!!!!!!
and your even cooler cause you live in QC!!!!!
anywhoo great job,keep making flash,and hurry up with pom2!!!!...........please.

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2003
6:10 PM EST
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