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Nintendo These Days

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hey we're nintendo here's some cute characters but I swear if you use any of our work without consent then we'll groundpound you into jail

hope you like it baby xo

EDIT: Thanks for the daily third! Mario delivered it to me and then broke my nose

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Nintendo moment

Purge be like:

this is why you play sega
because at least when you make a video crapping on their products
they don't care

Paco Gutierrez, age 9, always wanted a Nintendo console. However, due to being extremely poor living in Venezuela, it was just a distant dream. Using his creativity and with the help from his uncle, he made a cardboard Super Mario game, posted it on YouTube and the video went viral. Thanks to the video, Nintendo's CEO Doug Bowser personally traveled to Venezuela, to give Paco a Cease and Desist order and sue his family for 200 million dollars.

Cockadoodledee responds:

On that day, Paco's dreams died and under the terms of the agreement, he could never create anything again. But Nintendo protected their intellectual property. The good guys won that day.

XD es tan real