Germaine Dress Up

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MAN! ARE YOU LOOSERS BLIND?!?!?! I SAID RIGHT THERE THAT HE KNOWS I DID IT! YOU CUNTSCABS! that is for any idiot who didnt read the thing and whined that i ripped him off. i freakin emailed the guy to show him, and at first i wasnt even gonna put it up. anyway thank you all for your critisizms/support/helpful suggestions.

Germaine Character Copyright Jonathan Ian Mathers 2001

though this was not made by the guy who made the actuall series, i have no life and lots of time so i made this. people really seem to want it, so here it is!!! enjoy! Some items that may be hard to understand: the grey "things" are pom poms for the anarchy cheerleader outfit(ever seen the Teen Spirit video?) and the dead squirlle is for around her neck. aaand the turban thing is a towel for her hair.
(p.s. he KNOWS i made it, morons.)

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OK well notbad, myself beeing a dress-up fan, this was good, like the many items able to use, some things i didnt understand, but hey its goth, and whats with all the goth dress-ups nowa-days anyways, keep up the good work.


Never realized there'd been a this revealing Neorotically Yours game made way back in the day! :D Makes sense it wasn't the official thing but... it's good enough to have been. Lots of different clothes. A little animation. Would've been fun with some more easter eggs or extras, but as it is: fun little dress up game for the one and only! Not bad.


What's with the lack of sound? I never found Germaine to be attractive. I never got what so many people lusted after. There's so many more beautiful cartoon characters out there! Wait, should I not talk about this? This was too bland.

I guess the costumes were fine. It just didn't' do much for me. It was too boring. Of course there'd be a naked option. That's what most people play these games for!

it lest it looks more like her then the germaine fk'd by foamy submition ik you tryed its more then some can say (like me)

Some clothes don't fit. : /