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PcBoy800 Remake (Demo 1.3)

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I absolutely loved this and its concept, but I'd be lying if I said it had no flaws.

Some of them are:
*Spikes and enemies don't actually kill you. In fact, the only real deadly thing in this game is the pits/ceiling.

*Why is the ceiling deadly? Well, because they can't kill you, the momentum you get from being hit by spikes compounds if you keep hitting them without touching the ground (meaning you can use them like bounce pads). You can still die if you go too high, though.

*The shop at the beginning just doesn't work. I tried everything I could think of, hitting every key on my keyboard and just couldn't enter.

*The sudden gravity flips you get feel a bit too obscure. To include them properly, maybe indicate to the player that something is up? (For the first level, perhaps have something upside down like a sign in the foreground or some coins arranged in that way.) Alternatively, maybe make it something that you can touch/grab, and therefore the player can realize 'Oh! This makes the gravity flip!' so that they recognize its function for future levels.

*Some things feel like they should be able to be walked through/somewhat able to be walked through. The level 2-4 specifically has a lot of things (satellites, tables) that could be like the semi-solid platforms in 1-3, or just entirely intangible.

*What I assume is a purple portal in 2-5 does not work, and I could not play the rest of the level.

*Your character's movement is just a little too fast. It can sometimes feel easier to jump one platform further than the one you were trying to jump to. A part where this is much more frustrating is 1-5's balloon section.

*I really wish there was some music! Or any sound, come to think of it. There should be at least sound effects for general things like jumping/getting hit/enemies.

I think those are all of my major concerns, so here are some much less important things:
*Obviously, there are not medals, so the medals button doesn't work.

*The coin counter could've had the sprite of the coin you used and have been just fine. No need to use this weird white coin that looks different.

*2-3 Could be the same aesthetic, but still be just as long of a level.

*You can skip the gravity switch in 1-3 by using the spike bounce exploit.

*The save button being on the main menu is a bit confusing. Maybe add a pause menu to exit levels/the world, where you can access it (specifically when you're outside of a level. Maybe not to lose continuity, it's just greyed out when you're in a level).

*Coins respawn after you die, but your coin counter does not actually go back down. This would allow players to farm coins for the shop (if there was one).

*Sometimes, checkpoints just don't heal you. Not sure why.

*The level display would probably work better if it was similar to the way Super Mario World worked, showing the level path you're allowed to take when you complete a level instead of placing invisible walls that don't really add anything to game.

*I managed to beat him after a little bit, but the way the boss works is not really made very clear to the player. Perhaps the orange particles can be replaced with a platform+spike on the bottom? (Green could also be replaced with something, but it's not extremely necessary).

*I saw those sprites you tried to hide on 2-2.

*2-1's tunnel section can be skipped by going over the top with the spike bounce exploit.

*2-1 could be made to show where the text sheet is at the beginning, but still not access it until you reach the end of the tunnel.

I still want to stress that for the most part, I really enjoyed myself. I just wish that these parts were fixed. Hope to see some updates soon!

Bulavo72ka responds:

Thank you so much for report <3! I will definitely take your opinion into account. Most flaws already fixed

*Spikes and enemies now kill you.

*Celling now have bounds

*The shop at the beginning just not finished.

*Gravity sign added

*Now stuff in city less contrast with other objects

*Portals in 2-5 fixed

*I will add some sounds soon

*2-3 now have slightly grayer background

*Skip in 1-3 fixed.

*The save button is useless, there is an autosave function in the game. But it's working. This is done for debug.

*You can farm coins. i will just make the prices higher >:)

*Checkpoints is always healing you, but not displayed (only if taking damage). Fixed

*Now there is a path

*A platform with a spike at the bottom will look strange, maybe I'll make some hints for the player to make it clear that you can stand on this

*You find Easter Egg)

*2-1's tunnel skip fixed

*2-1 now have arrows to show where did you need to go.

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2021
7:57 AM EST