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Creambee Short - Splootoon v1

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-Having trouble playing on your web browser, issues with Ruffle or Flash?

Download the .swf file here and play with stand alone flash player

-How do I get a stand alone flash player?

Download one here

choose "Download the Flash Player projector" for Windows, Mac, or Linux depending on your system

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upload the .swf to ruffle.rs/demo/

🐙Thank you so much for viewing this version of Splootoon, I really hope you've enjoyed our works so far ❤️

I've always wanted to create a piece of work with another artist's original illustration. To me it's like creating an authentic rule34 of an artists creation. Klimspree was interested enough to work with me on this project and provide the sexy/cute art that you see in the game, Marina and Background design.

I also wanted to add more dialogue than we've ever animated in any of our works before.

I've learned two important things from working on this animation. That working with illustrated body parts to animate can slow down / lag the file a bit. It would have been more freeing and easier to work from a character design sheet using vector drawn images. Second I've learned that lot's of dialogue is fun and provides variety, however I feel from experience that we can still achieve that with about half as many lines as we used here, and we'd save time.

➡️When we start our next project I'll be choosing more sex scenes/angles over sex speeds.

Thank you Klimspree for sharing your unique and sexy cute artstyle for this project and providing us with the images we used to animate Marina.

You can check out Klimspree's works on twitter @Klimspree

Many thanks to Cinder Dryad for providing us with around 50 dialogue and moaning voice clips. Thank you for working with me in a professional manner and going to lengths of matching the original Marina voice actress's pitch.

You can check out Cinder Dryad on her twitter @CinderDryadVA

If you would like to, please follow us on Twitter


If you would like to be a part of our on going works, please check out our Patreon


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There's a secret scene where the sperm gets through her egg or however it happens lol.

Wow! This animations even better than the E-girl one. Keep up the amazing work everyone!

lags really bad

I think the voice acting is a pretty big win, Cinder did a great job and the voice modulation sounds pretty close to the source material if I remember correctly. (I haven't played Splatoon)

I'm not going to go into the nitty-gritty because I'm already a degenerate for commenting on pornography but I love the fact that Creambee lets you exercise a few options even if it's mostly just cosmetics for a movie and not really a "game" in the traditional sense. Keep up the good work!

This is the greatest splatoon porn of All Time