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Die 5 Points

Gave free hugs to an enemy

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Author Comments

Made for Thankjam - Thankmas Charity Jam.

A platformer game about befriending and betraying cubes.

The game is open-source on Github too.


  • A-D to move left-right.
  • Space to jump
  • Left-shift or L to dash. (Grants immunity during dashes)

How to:

  • Collect to change your colors.
  • Betray those who are the same colors as you.
  • Or let them help you, they destroy the others.


Recent Changlog

  • Bugfix on colliding enemies not dying upon color change.
  • Added dash mechanic
  • QoL, you can now press 'R' on gameover to instantly retry.
  • Added total score from all playthroughs to leaderboard.

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Nice and strategic game

So this was a nice and strategic game and I would say once you learn how to move the cubes around it gets much easier simple and fun game here I understand games are not easy by any means but you have found a way to make this particular game work and you gave it some nice gameplay action, with some added stylish elements love the extra details of the game allowing more depth here and there, once you learn how to move the cubes around it gets much easier


Nice game! Not so difficult once you learn how to manipulate the cubes' movement. It actually reminded me of a game on NG called The Case of Scary Shadows.
I found it a little annoying that when you change color, blocks of your color get stuck off screen. And I generally don't like 'acceleration' in platformers like this one. But it's alright, I got used to it.

its good

The game is a lot of fun, even though it's really difficult.

I think my main gripe is just that – the enemies are too good. Sometimes you find yourself in such a position that you simply lose, usually when several of them spawn simultaneously and ambush you. And then the slightest touch, and it's over.
I probably wouldn't change the speed or AI of the enemies, but I would consider adding something to help the player evade ambushes. Like:
– dash (skip through enemies, with some cooldown)
– 3 lives, temporary invincibility
– powerups (e.g. "shield" which breaks when you're hit, dual colour…)
Probably the first suggestion is the most in-line with the spirit of the game.

As for other things:
– Sometimes the enemies stopped moving when several of them bumped into each other, even when I was a different colour. But it was temporary since other reinforcements came and made me move.
– When a game is played entirely on keyboard, it would be nice to be able to restart it with keyboard as well. This is a game you replay A LOT, and you have to grab the mouse every ten seconds just to click a button.
– If you use the bottom bar (Unity standard WebGL template), you need to add 38 to the project's resolution in the Newgrounds Project Settings, or the game ends up being slightly cut off.
– Thanks for adding the medals and scoreboards!
– And I certainly like the tactical element of deciding whether you want allies around or not or kill them to gain points.

And by the way, it's really cool that you open-sourced the game, too!
It's interesting to see how others code logic in their games, and I wanted to check what the enemies are told to do. Amazing how something can seem like a pretty clever AI when it's just "go directly to the player and jump randomly". :)

Also about the code, if I may offer advice:
– If you used Input.GetAxis (and Input.GetButtonDown for jumping), you'd instantly have arrow keys, WASD and gameplay support in your game.
Or use the new input system, although it's slightly more difficult to set up.
– I'm not sure why you're dealing with parsing Hex strings, you can have Color variables directly. And initialize them with hexadecimal numbers, too.
Color playerColour = new Color32(0xEA, 0xBA, 0x6B, 0xFF);

Jervaited responds:

Hello, thanks for the review and suggestions to the game.

Specially the Dash mechanic to the game in reference to your suggestion, it does seem to play better with it :)

Once you get past the very challenging difficulty, this is actually quite fun, and very addictive.

Edit: Scoring 200 is VERY difficult!

Jervaited responds:

Thanks for the review.
As per someone's suggestion, I have just added a dashing mechanic to the game which should make the game much more easier. :v

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2021
9:42 PM EST