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TD-Bleed Into The Gutter

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Some classes you have to take, and they suck. Even if you're good at them, you just hate going. This is one such class.

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Very good

Once again you have made some nice animations here and added some good narratting I like these styles because you bring in some good comical element too and just make it good, so props to you on this one.



Ah this was next level. :D Not only did I actually learn a few essential things in this one, with for example the small but mind-blowing typographic opportunities bit - to think I hadn't see this in the Amazon logo before in particular - and on a more personal note that you actually had a certain design-related heritage with your dad before all this started, which seems to explain some things about everything, but that ending speech and perturbance of nuance! Both the delivery and the insight with this one, personal and educational both, feels like a step up since at least the more recent segments I remember here.

Nicely done. Solid script. Well rounded runtime and closing word. Wholesome all.


Raziberry responds:

Thanks, dude!

I find inspiration in this telling. You went from harried college student, worker drone in a debt factory, to inspired student. Then a teacher with no empathy directs you back to ambivalence, and you refuse to go.. except for your opinion of him.

You're a very good storyteller.

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4.22 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2021
7:43 AM EST