Unofficial Happiness Test

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This is a simple test to determine if you are happy, according to these criteria. There are no right or wrong answers.

UPDATE 11/04/04 - Made a couple of minor adjustments in coding, threw in a smoother animation, and fixed the end screen.



This test dosnt tell you crap. every time you finish the test, the score goes higher no matter what you answered. I put in the same exact answers 2 times and got 56 the first time, and 59 the second time, I did the test like 20 times total.

UnsidedSoftware responds:

That was a bug we fixed. Drop it already!


How was it rigged? Lol i tried like 10 different ways to figure out how u rigged it but i cant, btw nice moosic sounds like sonic!

Well, Its ok

I found a glitch in the game

1.The pts you have at the first round is e.g. 5
2.As you restart the game your pts is e.g. 12
3.The first round pts is 5 and when you retry, the score adds to the first round pts.
4.e.g. 12-5=7 1st round= 5, 2nd round= 12, 2nd round orginal score=7

Thats all I have to say.

UnsidedSoftware responds:

And as I said in the comments, I fixed that. Sorry about that, everyone. I didn't realize it until I played the game multiple times.

I feel mean today

I hate people right now...especailly this stupid test


1 000 0 01 101 01 1010 01 101 0 1010 01 0110 01
2 11 1 00 2 0 1 00 2 2 1 2 1

UnsidedSoftware responds:

And what are these numbers supposed to mean? I guess they're good, based on your score.

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Feb 8, 2003
10:26 PM EST
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