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SUPER MARIO XP: Remastered (Engine Test)

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SUPER MARIO XP: Remastered ~ by Matth33w

This is a public engine test made for people to try this out for the first time. Note that it still is incomplete, so enemies and some features will be missing.

Super Mario XP is a game made by CNCDarkside in 2001, it basically is like the original Super Mario Bros with Castlevania mechanics. And it is being remastered on GameMaker Studio 2 by me. It currently is not my main project, but since this was a childhood game for a lot of people, i think it is interesting to share this with the world.

The remaster is a open-source project. You can find it at GitHub down below:


And here is the link to the official page:




Arrow Keys / Directional-Pad / Analog - Move

Shift / A Button - Jump

Control / X Button - Use Weapon

Z Key / Y Button - Item Crash (when possible)

( i ) Info:

High Jump - Hold Up and press the Jump button to make Mario jump higher


Enjoy this engine test!

~ Matthew

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I really liked this, and I think this is really good. A running function would be cool.

Nice engine, but I think I'm soft locked in the castle

Edit: Held the up arrow while jumping, it worked.
Still can't get the options or stage selects working.

Matth33w responds:

Oh, i see!
I will check that out.

Very good! I really like the combitation of Super Mario Bros. and Castevania mechanics. Can't wait for a full game on this engine!

Matth33w responds:

Hey, thanks!
Make sure to check the game development page. =)

Chef's kiss 🥰
Soo good!

Matth33w responds:

Glad you liked it!

Nice gameplay and sound! It feels solid. A run function would be nice also.

Matth33w responds:

Thanks for your feedback!