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Metanet Hunter SE REMIX

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Author Comments

Metanet Hunter SE REMIX is a remake of the original Metanet Hunter that I made in 2013. It features 24 levels across 6 worlds, and features a good bit of challenge factor.

As per the original, the screen resolution was limited to 160x144, the same as a Gameboy game.

  • Each level has a Chaos Orb: Find it, and obliterate the thing!
  • Once you complete the First World, the game takes the training wheels off, and it's time to flow with some of the tight-knit platforming segments it throws at you. Get ready!

This was made as a tech demo/experiment to learn how to use Godot, and now there's a game out of it! It was built in about 2 weeks, since I also work a full-time job. Please give it a try, and thank you Newgrounds for approving it!

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The camera is way too close for the level design. Many of the jump are just blind jumps that you hope for the best not to be a death pit or an enemy you can't jump on.
Additionally, the game should be able to let you select each level instead of starting at the beginning of an entire world.
Also pretty sure it's complete RNG whether or not you get hit in 3-3 since those balls will almost never be in a pattern that can crossed without damage boosting.

NightKawata responds:

Knowing the limitations of a Gameboy screen, I had placed all of the obstacles to be within viewing distance, provided the player doesn't rush right into the hazards straight ahead. Things can be a little more touch-and-go during 2-4, which is totally fair. This isn't intended to discredit your critique, as it is one of the drawbacks of going for that style.

3-3 does have a few openings to where you can get straight through that Cruiser segment, but it IS tricky. 100% I will agree with you on that one, and will probably throw in an easier difficulty selection for this game's future update. I may decide to keep the intended design for a harder difficulty, and adjust things down a little bit for the easier options.

Fun fact: The only RNG I really utilize through the game here is the color of fireballs that the Rainbow Bruisers shoot at you. (It is purely cosmetic, so that way the fireballs had a "rainbow color" to them.) Everything else is deterministic, and generally relies upon the player being in the vicinity of other game elements.

Thank you for your time! I absolutely appreciate you giving the game a go, don't get me wrong. I do believe any concerns you would have about screen real estate should be solved with the new project, as I plan to utilize a 320x180 resolution, instead of this game's intended 160x144 size.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2021
3:05 PM EST
  • Paint.net
  • Godot Engine
  • GraphicsGale