Dante vs Link (Part 3)

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It seems Dante survived the light arrow and now he is really mad. See what happens in the 3rd part with his battle with Link.

(This is not the last part, there will be another one).



still sucks dead donkey balls wait it's worse than a baboon's ass it's a baboon's ass sculpted with shit coming straight out of a baboon's ass get the picture? well that's how yoru flash is...do the world a favor and commit.....chances are that you are too stupid to figure it out I'll give you a hint it begins by S and finishes by uicide ‡D

Wtf the fuck?

how the fuck did this crap EVER get a daily feature??? the rest of the movies sendin today even had to be worse than this shit

this was #1???

i just didint like it


The graphics are very lame. The sound isn't that good, and Ganondorf's intervention isn't needed. It's not he he's fighting the cel shaded Link, it's too one sided.
L is real

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Hooh boy. This one´s going to be long.

I gotta hand it to ya. You´ve stirred up one of the worst controversys I ever seen on the grounds. I aint blaming you though. Hell, all you ever wanted to do was to make a simple movie about Dante fighting Link. I like these versus movies, if they´re well done, because I sometimes just want to see my favorite heroes beat the tar out of eachother. But apparently, you really hit a lot of peoples nerves with your selection of heroes. On one hand, we got those who think Dante is a pussy, and that Link should win cause he´s oldskool or some other vague idea. On the other hand, you got those who feel an intense hate for Link, God knows why, and they ain´t givin us any (good) reasons either. Maybe I´m just weird, but "He´s a fucking fairy, doesn´t make me gasp for air over mankinds extreme intellectual capabilities. Nevertheless, both these people are in my eyes nothing but whiny. It´s just a movie peeps, why are you so mad, try to understand, we do want you as fans. We just don´t want you to argue over this pointless matter anymore. Why is Link so cool? his games ain´t that hard. Hell, if you wanna talk challanging, come back after you´ve played Gargoyles Crest. Hell, Firebrand would whoop ANYONES ass if we´re going by difficulty. But, seriously, we´re not. Why do you want to defend your heroes so badly? It´s just a movie folks. Deal with it, and see it for what it is, not who wins in it. anyways, I suppose I should be doing the REVIEW now. That´t what I´m here for. I don´t got any advice to give ya, so I´ll leave that to others, but I think yourflash is neat. The drawings ain´t that bad,the animation can be a bit stale sometimes, but overall. It´s good. But not great. It can be, but you have to keep improving. We will be looking forward to your future work, Mr Gonzales...as long as people will start growing up, so we won´t have to read their immature reviews...but I suppose miracles don´t happen overnight. Oh, and have the final one with a Choice in the end, who will win, and all that. This is Scarmiglioneneo, over and out.

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3.75 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2003
6:31 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 8, 2003